Dog scarers: types and characteristics of exposure

The scourge of the modern city is the flocks of stray and uncontrollable dogs. They are particularly annoying to athletes, cyclists, people who go to work at night in the area of ​​industrial zones or villages, where the owners have a habit of letting dogs out at night.

There are different ways of scaring aggressive dogs. Someone is trying to fight off with sticks and stones, someone - with a traumatic weapon or a knife. The use of a traumatic or gas pistol against dogs is not only not humane, but also dangerous for humans. If from the first shot you don’t get in the head, then just piss off the dog. For more information on how to defend yourself and behave when attacking aggressive animals, read the article: Attacking dogs on people

In addition, these methods require special skill, physical strength and fearlessness. And what should a woman or a child do?

Ultrasonic Dog Scarer

One of the most advanced scarers is an ultrasonic device. It sends a powerful ultrasonic signal (from 24.3 kHz to 40 kHz, 116.5 dB) towards the aggressive animal. This frequency is safe for humans, but scares dogs. It seems to them that as they get closer to the person, the sound becomes louder and more disturbing. They feel discomfort and either run away or stay at a considerable distance of 10-15 meters.

Such devices are convenient for their compactness: they are placed in a small handbag, on a belt or in a pocket. At the maximum range, they already cause discomfort in dogs, and on the effective range they have the maximum effect.

An ultrasonic dog repeller can chase away a pack and one vicious animal. Thus, it is possible to bloodlessly protect yourself, a child or a pet from an ill-bred animal. Craftsmen make homemade ultrasonic dog scarers. At least, the Internet actively extends the scheme of such a device that can be assembled from parts that are sold on any radio market.

However, this is quite an intricate electronic device, in the scheme of which only a person can understand, with the experience of visiting a radio circle and some experience and skill. Of course, the repeller built from scrap parts will be two or even three times cheaper. But in terms of ease of use, range, and reliability, such a design clearly loses. Read the opinions of consumers about these devices in the material: "Reviews on ultrasonic dog deterrent"

Electric Dog Scarer

Another type of fairly popular dog repeller is stun guns. These are also compact devices that can scare an animal away even at a distance by the fact that they produce an unpleasant sound to dogs - a crackling sound, as well as the smell of ozone, which dogs also dislike very much. Thus, already at a distance of several meters, the shocker has a frightening effect on the animal.

But if the dog is nevertheless approaching, then the shocker will hurt her with a shock, paralyzing. Also, the electric shocker is the only weapon that can unleash the teeth of an animal if it has already managed to grab something.

Gas dog repeller

Gas cartridges equipped with OC or IPC substances are also quite effective against dogs. Do not choose cartridges with substances CS and CN - they are very weak and do not act on dogs at all. The best choice at the moment - spray cans "Higher Measure" and "Weapons of the Proletariat."

Even a large dog lacks a couple of not very intense sprays from a distance of 1 - 1.5 m from a good can. The dog cowardly runs off to the side, showing no more signs of aggression. Also effective is a gas pistol, loaded with pepper cartridges, idle for scaring with sound or signal light.

A powerful psychological effect produces a pocket rocket launcher of the "Hunter's Signal" type.

If it so happens that there are no self-defense weapons with you, then you need to kick off the dog with your feet. It is better to try to sharply hit the lower jaw or the area of ​​the nose.



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