If there are two animals in your house

"And who is this? And what does he need here? This is my territory!" - most likely, your old-time pet thinks when he sees the newcomer for the first time. The first desire is to attack a competitor and tear him to shreds.

The newcomer also has stress: an unfamiliar environment, unknown smells, and even this new neighbor - hisses and attacks ... And then the desperate novice gets into a corner or tries to fight back, and your apartment turns into a battlefield ... is it possible to restore peace and turn the pets out of sparring partners in friends?

To be friends ... like a cat with a dog

When the causes of mutual hostility of animals are known, it is much easier to cope with the problem, because if there is no reason, there is no quarrel.

So, the "old-timers" may not like the novice, because ... protects its territory. In the animal world, borders are usually clearly marked, but there are no “neutral” areas. Animals consider the owner's house as their possession, in which there is no place for strangers.

- jealous. Pets recklessly love their owners, needing affection and responsive feelings. Therefore, the "old-timers", seeing a novice, sees him as his rival, thinks that he has found a replacement, and is afraid that now he will be loved less.

- afraid that he will not get a tasty morsel. Since beginners are usually much younger than old-timers, they have a different diet. Babies and teenagers need to eat more often and more than adult animals, because of which the latter often look sadly at the plates of "salag", as if receiving the most delicious dishes.


- he is different. Your first pet can be calm, and the second one can be nimble, noisy and intrusive, which is also often explained by the difference in age. In this case, the behavior of the novice will annoy the animal, accustomed to a certain, measured routine. In this case, everything can happen as in a joke: "Barsik could not stand it and ate Kesha for constantly teasing him with the word" Meow "!

Newbie aggression is primarily caused by fear. The new girl is experiencing serious stress. He finds himself in an unfamiliar environment in which he sees dangers in everything, so the rule is usually strictly followed: “The best defense is attack” ... (Read more on this topic: How to make friends with a cat and a dog)

Nice to meet you!

Before the first meeting of your pets, stock up with a spray gun - the water will cool the ardor of animals, if they start a fight, and give the old-timer a sedative on a vegetable basis.

In addition, try to acquaint the novice with the smell of your first pet in advance - for this, wrap the housewife with a veil on which the old-timer is sleeping for a few minutes. Of course, it is possible that your pet will immediately accept a newbie as his own, and if not, a spray gun will help you!

The biggest mistake that attempts to acquaint their pets "humanly." You can not immediately bring a newcomer to the old-timers "and force them to communicate. Such a" acquaintance "can start an irreconcilable enmity. Animals must want to know each other.

For some time they need to be kept at a safe distance, preferably in different rooms, so that they guess unknown smells, get used to them. And later the rapprochement and communication of animals should take place only with you. Be patient and wait - and your favorite animals will get used to each other.

Spend with the first pet "educational work" - let him understand that you can not offend the newcomer. However, in any case, do not scold the pet for what he has not yet done, or when you move from the house - he should not know that you are on his side.

It will also be necessary to “work” with a newcomer: he must understand that it is impossible to attack a neighbor, that his bowl and the place where the “old-timer” likes to sleep is inviolable. So that the newcomer does not feel deprived - create ideal conditions for him, even if he has his own corner for food and rest. So that the pets are not jealous of each other, you must show them that you love them the same way, that they are equal. If you iron one, be sure to caress the other. If you take an “old-timer” with you somewhere, do not leave the new girl alone at home, and vice versa. Pets must feel your love. And let the eldest animal understand that the newcomer is not a competitor, but a family member, the same as himself.

Help them gradually come closer. A great way is to play with both pets at the same time using one toy. Increase the time of their communication each time and do not leave them alone until you are sure that they have become friends.

During feeding, feed the animals the same portions, but in different bowls. Moreover, the dishes need to be placed in different corners so that none of the couple would want, for example, to pull the fish away from a neighbor.

The age of friendship is not a hindrance

What is the age difference between pets acceptable for making friends? Of course, ideally, they should be of the same age and appear in your house at the same time. If animals grow together, they are never hostile. At the same time, they, as close people, will eventually become similar in character. True, most often in life it turns out differently - and in the same area there are different-age pets. However, you should not worry about it: the process of rapprochement depends more on the temperament of the animals, and not on how old they are.

The only thing you can not forget - hooking up to an adult predator of birds or rodents is dangerous. Adult cats and dogs have a developed hunting inscription, so sooner or later they can recognize a delicacy in their new neighbors. However, if a parrot, hamster or rat came to you before large animals, pets will coexist quite peacefully. Although there are exceptions here: there are cases when a parrot with a valiant passion for chasing a cat around the apartment.

There is a contact

The moment will come when you suddenly notice that pets began to show interest to each other, play together and even fall asleep side by side. Fuf, you can breathe a sigh of relief! However, it is too early to relax! You will have to observe the relationships of your animals constantly, correct their behavior and resolve controversial issues in a fair way. But the main thing is that you should equally love your four-legged babies, tiny and old! Believe me: no matter how many months or years they are, they always need it!



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