How to train a Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd (Wolfhound) is a great watchman and a shepherd with a strong character. The breed trait is a high learning ability and a balanced psyche. However, this breed requires professional training for the development of obedience and an adequate response to outsiders.

Caucasian training should start at an early age. They grow and mature slowly - up to two years. But at this age it will be difficult to correct all the shortcomings in the education of the dog. Therefore, it is better to start teaching Caucasians to elementary teams in half a year. At the same time, in order to avoid irreparable mistakes, it is better to seek the help of a professional trainer.

At the same time, one should always remember that a dog should not be rushed, screaming at it or beating it. Caucasians simply do not accept the cry and can only become embittered. Therefore, training them is difficult, but necessary.

Already by the age of nine months, the puppy must fully obey the owner, and he, in turn, should already be completely confident in the correctness of the upbringing of the baby. Obedience is brought up first. And one should not expect from the Caucasians the reactions of the German Shepherd. He is a shepherd and a wolfhound, not a servant.

Important points in the training of the Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd - independent and proud. In addition, this breed has absolutely no aportizing reflex, so it is not necessary to set in front of him insoluble tasks and poison yourself with life.

Wolfhounds work brilliantly only when they understand the logic and the need for their tasks. And to get them to execute commands with kicks, stun guns, or even just goodies is impossible.

The basis of the Caucasian dressage is the establishment of contact with him. And work on him should work with a leash, facial expressions and voice intonation. And without contact, all attempts to train the dog are doomed to complete failure.

In the process of learning Caucasian Shepherd must learn a number of main teams. This is "Near!", In which the dog moves, "Stand!" - when it stops moving. By the command "Ko me!" The dog must approach the owner. It is also necessary to master the team of the general ban - "Foo!" or "No!"

Another Caucasian should know the command "Teeth", quietly wear a muzzle and, next to the food, flawlessly carry out the commands "No! Place". Caucasians often want to develop security skills, but it is in this aspect of training that many trainers face the greatest difficulties.

For example, a realistic Caucasian in a foreign territory does not want to work with a training sleeve, because he does not understand what he needs to protect. In this case, it is better to train the dog to invite to the territory of the dog, which it will protect. Therefore, if shepherd dogs are first taught on the court, and then run in a “real” situation, then a Caucasian should start cooking from his territory.

Training in their defense is also tied to the aggressive instincts of protecting food and territory. In addition, wolfhounds strive to circumvent training equipment and attack the open parts of the trainer's body - the head and hands. However, they are not enough, and tear. If you need to educate Caucasians so that he confidently worked in a foreign territory, it is in this place that he should often be walked.

Based on the foregoing, it is worth preparing for the fact that The process of training a Caucasian shepherd is laborious and rather specific.. But the result - the formation of an excellent guard, is worth it.



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