How to make an enclosure for dogs with their own hands

If you like tinkering or just want to save, then you will not be difficult to make a dog enclosure with their own hands.

Aviary protects the dog from adverse weather: snow, rain, wind, heat. This is her home and it must meet several requirements:

- it should be a warm booth;

- The length of one of the sides must not be less than two meters;

- The aviary should be spacious enough for a person to be comfortable in cleaning it.

Dog enclosure size

The size of the enclosure depends on the size of the dog. For a dog with an increase in withers to 50 cm, the area of ​​the open-air cage must be at least 6 square meters, and with a height of more than 65 cm - at least 10 square meters. If it is assumed that another dog or a bitch with puppies can be kept in the aviary, their living space should be increased at least 1.5 times.

But if it is assumed that a dog is released at night to a protected area, the aviary may not be very large.

Drawings and materials for making an enclosure for dogs with their own hands

When you decide on the basic dimensions of the aviary, you must make a drawing. You can take the finished project or draw it yourself in any form. Having prepared the drawing of an open-air cage, you need to choose building materials from which one or another part of the structure will be made. The floor can be asphalt or concrete. Cement is too cold and should be covered with wooden flooring of at least 2 to 1.5 m.

For the convenience of cleaning in the aviary and moisture removal, it is worth making a slight slope of the floor in the direction of the facade - at 1-3 degrees. Under the floor should be a ventilated space of at least 5 cm, so as not to penetrate moisture and parasites. Floor rails should be treated with wood protection impregnation impregnation and fastened with screws - screws, not nails.

On the one hand, the enclosure must be equipped with a drainage system, where it will drain from the roof and from the floor. At least one wall of the aviary should be in the form of a lattice so that the dog has an overview. The grille should consist of pipes only. Mesh is not allowed. All metal elements of the enclosure should be carefully cleaned and covered with enamel. Closed walls can be of metal sheeting or slate, and preferably boards or wood panels.

The door and the feeder are often located on the front side of the enclosure. The door should open only inside the dog room and securely locked from the outside. Feeding trough is needed for the delivery of food and water to the dog by strangers. For example, when the owners leave. It should be placed at a height of 20-30 cm from the floor and have a valve, which is fixed in the closed position.

The roof can be of any suitable materials: metal, corrugated board, ondulin, soft roof, etc. But you also need to do it without the use of nails. Of course, it is better if the roof is covered with soft material so that rain and hail will not irritate the dog. The location of the aviary also matters. Ideally, its lattice facade in the cold regions should go to the south, and in hot regions to the southwest or southeast. It should be a dry spot of the site and in the aviary at any moment of the day there should be a shaded spot so that the dog can hide from the sun.



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