Characteristics of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog

The Caucasian Shepherd does not look like many other sheepdogs, so it’s better to talk about it as a wolfhound. It is a breed of hardy and dedicated dogs with excellent guarding qualities. This is one of the best guardians of the territory.

Caucasians are smart and independent. And precisely because of their independence difficult to train. Rather, you need to know the character of this dog well in order to be able to train it properly. He cannot be beaten, he only becomes embittered and cannot be rushed, otherwise he will simply stop reacting to commands. But the Caucasian learns once and for all, unlike many other breeds that need regular recall.

The aggressiveness of this breed is characterized as moderate, which means that the dog is dangerous for people. Therefore, an animal living in a city must be taught to respond correctly to passersby and other animals.

Caucasian Shepherd (or Wolfhound) - not playing. This is a shepherd and watchman, and such a dog should not be started as a family pet, especially if there are several children in the house. A dog can be dangerous for them.

The characteristics of the nature of this breed are associated with its original specialization - the protection of the herd from wolves and other aggressive people. This protection can occur without a shepherd, so Caucasians are completely independent animals with a pronounced territorial complex and a powerful instinct for self-preservation.

Their temperament is balanced and the wild nature, among which they must work, dictates them to economically expend forces (which seems to be sluggish in the conditions of the city) and to effectively solve the tasks posed. This dog knows that not only the safety of the flock, but also the life of the dog itself depends on the correctness of its assessment of the situation and behavior and the correct reaction to the danger.

Since it is vitally important to save and carefully count forces in the natural habitat of this breed - the wild nature, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are not inclined to exceed the measure of necessary defense. For example, she will not pursue a fleeing enemy. From her point of view, he is already defeated and safe.

Specialists who are attentively engaged in this breed, note simply the supernatural ability of the Caucasian to distinguish situations when the threat to him and the members of the pack (family) is real, and when the alarm is false. Therefore, he does not want to run in vain for the wand or rush to the training sleeve.

Also, the goal of the Caucasians is not to kill the enemy threatening the herd or encroaching on the territory, as it is provided for in the breeds intended for baiting. The traditional behavior for dogs of this breed is to overthrow the opponent and attempt to bite (tear) until the victim stops the resistance.

Since in the natural habitat of the Caucasian Shepherd Dog a flock of sheep is protected by several dogs, this breed has a special structure of schooling relationships. So with the existence of a dog with a man from the point of view of a Caucasian, an interspecific flock with its own hierarchy is formed. And the leader of the pack is not always the person. For the Caucasian, the leader will be the one on which the attention of all the individuals of the pack is concentrated. And often it is the dog that assumes these functions.

In addition, even if a particular leadership complex is not clearly expressed in a particular Caucasian Shepherd, it is quite difficult for it to obey any person. Just because it is a breed of completely self-sufficient and independent working dogs. Therefore, before being touched by a fluffy "little bear", you need to clearly understand that not everyone will cope with such a dog. She will obey only a strong-willed master, who will become a real responsible leader for her.



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