How can I make a dog house with my own hands

It is much more convenient for a small dog to have its own house where it can retire to rest from the owners. But not every pet recognizes this kind of its "place".


In order not to waste a lot of money in vain, you can first make a house for the dog with your own hands and, thus, determine its preferences.

Pretty easy to sew a house for a dog like "slippers". This is a soft booth, in which the roof is only on one side, and the second - the "heel" is open like a stove bench. Such a house becomes universal, because when the dog is cold, it can hide under the roof, when it is hot - move to the open part of the house.

For the construction of such a house you will need 2 meters of tapestry fabric, 1.1 meters of monophonic rep in tone of the tapestry. Foam sheet (1 x 2 m) 3.5 cm thick, as well as 2 meters of clothesline.

The outer details of the house are cut out from the tapestry, and the internal ones from the rep. In fact, there are three parts: a round bottom and two side parts, which are the side that goes into the roof.

First, the fabric parts are sewn: internal with external, leaving a small hole for inserting foam rubber. After it is inserted, the holes are neatly sewn up and the house is ready.

What you need to do before making a house for dogs with your own hands?

Before sewing the dog house, you need to measure it.. The size of the bottom should correspond to the territory that the dog occupies lying on its side with legs extended. The part of the house in which the roof is located must correspond to the size of the dog, curled up. This is the minimum size. But if the area allows, of course, the house may be more.

For a small smooth-haired dog, you can make a real house in the form of a soft booth. First, an oval bottom is cut out of the foam rubber to the size of the dog. Then, along the length of the bottom circumference, a rectangular ridge with a height of 20–25 centimeters is cut out, in which an entrance with a depth of 5–7 cm is cut.

the roof is also made of foam rubber, first oval in shape, and then wedges are cut into it from four sides. Sewing these cuts, we get a convex roof.
After that, the foam parts must be sheathed with a cloth. Outside, it should be thick, furniture or tapestry, and inside soft and preferably natural, for example, cotton.

After the parts are covered with fabric, the roof can be connected to the side. You can sew them, or you can fasten them with several decorative pins so that in summer you can unfasten the roof, turning the house into a ventilated dog bed.



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