What is a dog cage for?

To travel with a pet not a hand breed you can not do without a special cage. Especially often you have to travel exhibition pets and a cage for transporting dogs, which opens the pet a full overview and at the same time makes the animal safe for everyone around, becomes the most convenient means of moving dogs in any type of transport.

In addition, the cells are used at home, for example, instead of a booth or when a puppy is not yet raised, you should be left at home unattended for a long time.

Advantages of cages for dogs:

  • the cage can be easily assembled at any time without using any tools;
  • the special design of the hinges and locks completely prevents the arbitrary opening of doors;
  • the sliding tray in the cage is very durable and does not rattle, disturbing the pet, and is easy to clean; it can be made both from metal, and from plastic;
  • has handles for easy carrying;
  • cells are six sizes and after the third are equipped with two doors;
  • thanks to rubber-coated feet, the cage does not scratch the floor and does not slip.

As a rule, cages are made of strong springy steel and special dog beds are not rarely attached to them. Also to the cage you can buy a case that will allow you to turn the cage into a real booth and, for example, traveling with the dog to nature, you can protect the animal from the heat on the cage from heat or rain.

The highest quality cells are produced in America, but they are also the most expensive. In principle, you can make a cage for your dog with your own hands. But this will be discussed in another article.

Types of cages for dogs

Metal cages are most convenient for use both at home and for transporting an animal. Most often they have a plastic pallet. The sizes of such cages will satisfy dogs of any size.

Cages for big and strong dogs are made from a particularly durable material. They have a false (grid above the pallet) and two doors. Especially large cells can be equipped with removable wheels.

For long journeys of dogs of medium and small breeds, there are cages in the form of backpacks and suitcases, equipped with wheels. Dog cages are actively used by tent cages both at home and at exhibitions. A dog always feels calmer when its “place” travels with it to foreign lands.

These tents are bright colors (mesh of transparent plastic), have a plastic collapsible frame, convenient entry. The tent can be easily disassembled and folded in a special handbag.

The cages include collapsible playpens for very small puppies, which are made from water-repellent durable nylon. They can be used for dogs of small breeds, for example, for going on nature.



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