How to inject a dog intramuscularly and subcutaneously

Each dog owner may have a situation when it is necessary to self-inject a pet. This is in any case a useful skill that is worth learning, so that in case of emergency care not to make the animal suffer while waiting for the veterinarian. Yes, and in less acute situations, this skill will save money and time. Detailed instructions for owners, ✅ how to make an injection dog intramuscularly and subcutaneously independently.

Where to do and how to inject a dog? How to do it right?

Before the injection, it is necessary to do a number of manipulations:

  • Wash hands thoroughly;
  • Shake the ampoule to bring the medicine down;
  • Break the ampoule in the thinnest place, holding it with a cotton swab to avoid injury;
  • Put the medicine in a syringe and gently remove any air bubbles until a drop appears at the needle tip.

How to inject a dog subcutaneously in the withers?

The withers is the place where the dog's neck goes into the back. It is in a place where there are two shoulder blades of the front limbs and you need to do an injection. Such an injection is safer for the animal, because in this place the nerves and vessels are only peripheral and the dog is hard to injure by giving an injection.

In addition, withers prick is recommended in cases where the treatment can be long and intramuscular injections can lead to abscess. But when pricking at the withers drugs are absorbed more slowly, so the injection is better to do at room temperature.

Now proceed to the injection. With the left hand, we pull away the fold on the skin. The injection site is treated with alcohol. Then in the right hand we take the syringe. A needle is inserted into this skin fold at its base to half the needle of a five-gram syringe. Then hold the right hand with the inserted needle of the syringe on the dog's withers, and inject the medicine under the skin with the left hand, pressing the plunger. After you need to remove the needle, holding the skin with his left hand.

How to inject a dog intramuscularly?

As a rule, antibiotics and other drugs are found in the muscle, which are very slowly absorbed or may cause irritation with a different kind of injection.

Intramuscular injection should be done in the hip muscle of the hind paw. Needle need to enter strictly perpendicular to the skin about not two-thirds of its length. Before the injection should be wiped with alcohol.

If the dog is restless, afraid of pricks and tries to run away, it is better to prick together. The dog should be put on its side and firmly pinch the lower paws, and head pressed to the floor. The assistant fixes the dog with his weight and vigorously strokes it in the area of ​​the upper shoulder in order to distract from the injection. After the injection is done, treat the animal with your favorite delicacy.

It is not necessary to prick injections in its place, better in the neutral zone, and even better outside the house: at the neighbors, for example. If the needle is pressed into the hard when entering, you may have entered it too deep and need to be pulled back a little. If the syringe with an intramuscular injection bleeds, then you pierced the vessel. It is necessary to remove the needle and press the bleeding place into alcohol with a cotton swab, and after a couple of minutes, prick it to another place.

Sometimes a dog may limp after an injection, which means you have a nerve. If a hematoma forms at the injection site, you can make an iodine reticulum or attach magnesia for 20 minutes.

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