Small houses for small and large dogs

Dog houses are becoming increasingly popular among dog breeders. And the market responds with this copious supply to this demand. There is no limit to human fantasy, and dog houses come in many different forms.


Types of dog houses

They can be in the form of a real house with windows, in the form of an ottoman for people, in which a hole for a dog is made, similar to Chinese pagodas, medieval castles or super modern high-tech houses.

There are huge dog houses with furniture, lighting and even air conditioning, as well as a lawn, a garden and a swimming pool in the surrounding area. Houses easier, which are designed to stay a small dog in the apartment, in the first place are a dog bed with walls and a roof. Such houses, as a rule, have a soft base and can be in the form of a kennel, mink or cradle. They are warm and soft.

In the living conditions of the dog in the apartment such houses will be needed for small breeds. They love to hide tiny chihuahs, toy terriers, yorkies, dwarf spitz. In dogs from distant ancestors there was a need for protection from all sides with the ability to stick out only the face. In such a shelter the dog has the opportunity to hide and rest. It should be reliable and convenient.


Basic requirements for dog houses

The house should correspond to the breed and size of the dog so that it could not only curl up, but also extend its paws, lying on its side. The shape of the house is better to choose, watching how your pet likes to sleep. If the ball - fit a round or oval shape, as well as a corner house, conveniently located in the corner of the room. If the dog prefers to stretch his paws or fall apart on his back, a rectangular house is preferable.

For a shaggy dog, which in summer can be hot in a closed house, it is better to pick up a transformer house, from which you can unfasten the roof and, thus, turn it into a comfortable chair or a sunbed with a side. The frame of the dog house can be made of different materials: plywood, rods, cardboard, plastic or furniture chipboard. Inside it is always sheathed with soft materials.

How to choose a house for the dog?

Choosing a dog house you need to pay attention to the quality of the materials from which it is made. Firstly, it should be with removable covers that are easy to wash and dry, as the dog's place is quickly polluted and salted. Secondly, it is better to give preference to coatings made from natural materials that do not electrify and do not cause allergies. It can be flax, cotton, and for the winter version - wool.

To protect a small dog from drafts and cold, it is better to install a house over the floor at a height of at least 8 cm. These can be special legs or a stand.

The mattress in the house should be sufficiently thick and soft, with a removable and easily washable cover. Inside the mattress is better to put foam. Although now you can buy a dog mattress, filled even with buckwheat husk. Its peculiarity is that fleas cannot live in it.

If you like and are able to make things yourself, then for you it would be an excellent option not to buy, but to make a house for the dog with your own hands.



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