Why do dogs bite?

Sometimes a misunderstanding between humans and animals causes not only light bites and torn clothes, but also life-threatening injuries.

To avoid this, it should be remembered that, surprisingly, dogs are in many ways similar to humans: they also have a bad mood and have their own rules that we, the owners or strangers should not violate, and violating - must promptly correct.There are several reasons why dogs bite:

  1. For example, we may accidentally invade a "territory" of some mongrels and not even suspect that we have crossed the border. Just the dog considers this place to be his, and any "newcomer" as the named guest. The dog will surely warn about it with a loud bark or growl, but if the person does not leave "her" place, she will have to attack. If you see that you are in this situation, you need to get away from the toothy enemy, slowly backing back. No doubt it is better to find another way and lose time than to be bitten.
  2. Suppose you carry something tasty - it can also attract hungry four-legged vagrants. If animals want to take away your "prey" - you should share with them and disperse peacefully. No sausage worth shabby pant legs. The main thing - do not be afraid in the presence of dogs, they perfectly feel someone else's fear. If you show your weakness, skirmishes cannot be avoided.

A rather effective remedy for attacking dogs, which has recently appeared on the market, is the ultrasonic dog repeller. For more information on how to behave when a dog is threatened, see the article: How to behave when dogs are attacked.

The dog bites the owner

Being barked by an unfamiliar dog is one thing, being bitten by your own pet is quite another. Moreover, the native pet can do without a warning roar. However, if he still roars, it is better to leave him alone.

To prevent discord with a pet, it is enough to remember: you can not take away his food or what he plays with. By the way, about the food! Any dog ​​is especially afraid that someone will want to deprive her of food, so she will protect her food at all costs.

It is undesirable to touch the dog during sleep or to approach it unnoticed. A favorite can simply be frightened and, not figuring out who crept up to him, bite the troublemaker. Also do not forget that some types of dogs do not like the smell of alcohol. In addition, aggression may be the result of maternal instinct. Even if there is no direct danger for the puppies, the loving mother will not trust them to anyone.

What to do after a dog bite?

If you are bitten, the first thing to ask for help in the hospital. In addition to superficial wounds, you could "get hold of" rabies. The carrier of a dangerous virus can be any, even a pure-looking mongrel, and the little dog is not immune from this.

Many owners get rid of a bitten dog after an unpleasant incident. But before you go somewhere or put to sleep the dog - think about it. Or maybe, in fact, what happened is not the dog's fault, but your careless and inattentive attitude towards him?



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