How to choose a bag carrying for dogs?

Bag carrying necessary for travel dogs in transport. This is a prerequisite for the transport of animals on the train and plane for the safety of passengers. And the dog itself is calmer when it has its own mobile place.

Therefore, it is necessary to approach responsibly to the choice of carrying bags for dogs. For a start, it is worth making a decision in order to: you need a carrier for moving over short distances (you regularly go to the country) or for long journeys.

The dog should have enough space to easily change its location, lie on its side or curl up, stand tall and stretch. There should also be good air access and visibility.

If the carrier being sold is not equipped with a warm bedding, it should be purchased. Container locks must be secure and made of durable material. Also the bottom should be waterproof.

Criteria based on which you need to choose a bag carrying for dogs

By season

Seasonal carry-bags are divided into:

  • winter,
  • summer
  • demi-season.

From the names it is clear that the winter bag is warm, created from soft, dense, waterproof fabrics, fur. Her main goal is to keep her pet freezing. The model should be selected more, with a margin, because the dog is wearing warm clothes in winter, which creates additional volume. If it seemed to you that the bag is not warm enough, you can additionally equip it with a soft mattress.

Summer bag-carrying, on the contrary, should be light, breathing, so that the dog was not stuffy. Mandatory condition - the side windows. They must be present. The color can pick up a bright, summer, juicy, trendy hues of the season.

Demi-season carrying will be insulated, with a waterproof bottom, made of waterproof fabric. Whichever carrier you choose, comfort should be the main criterion so that your pet can breathe freely, change position and even, for example, curl up. Therefore, choose bags from natural fabrics, environmentally friendly materials, pleasant to the touch.

Bag-carrying, like clothes, it is desirable to wash. Therefore, pay attention to the fabric in the models. They should be easy to wash and dry quickly.


Security is an equally important factor in choosing a bag. In some models there are straps, carbines or any special devices that support the dog. This is necessary so that the animal does not accidentally fall out of its house. Bag handles must be strong, reliable, with sewn foam inside.

Complete with short handles are usually attached long. To make the trip or trip enjoy your pet, and it feels like home, put a favorite rug or toy inside.

By types

The soft bag carrier for dogs is the most widespread model for today. Rectangular or rounded in shape, the bag has a window with a net and a door for entry and exit. There are also bags with a hole for the head and holding devices inside. Design bags varied - for boys, for girls, for puppies and older dogs.

There are carrying with two compartments, one directly for the pet, the other - for the little things that he needs on the road.

Bag-transport on wheels is designed for a large dog weighing about five kilograms. If the owner is quite hard to carry his pet in his hands, then this bag is perfect. Pay attention to the wheels, they must be durable, reliable.

Carrying backpack is a miracle invention for small dogs. Pets are worn in the front, the type of children's kengurushek. Some manufacturers began to make two-in-one carrying bags: it can be used like a regular house bag and transformed into a beautiful backpack. Any model should be fastened with buttons, buttons, hooks. The zipper is most practical.

By the nature of the animal

Every owner knows the nature of his pet. For example, for a small, playful, little fidget dog, pick up a larger bag to keep it moving and allow you to change poses: sit down, lie down. You can pick up a bag to his beloved in size, he will probably sleep in it all the way.

A bag with an open head is perfect for a curious creature, so that the animal can look and observe what is happening around. Today, in stores, the choice of bags is simply the greatest - from glamorous to classic. Manufacturers use fashionable, beautiful fabrics, natural and artificial materials, decorate products with rhinestones, various decorative inserts. It is also fashionable to pick up clothes for a dog and, of course, carrying under the style, wardrobe of the hostess or owner.

What else needs to be considered before buying a dog carrier?

When choosing a carrier, relying on air travel, it should be remembered that it should meet the standard of the International Air Transport Association - ІАТА. It is better to consult with specialists, but the main rule of air carriers is that from the withers of the dog to the ceiling of the container there should not be less than 10 cm.

  • Carriers are of several types: soft bags and backpacks, plastic containers, bags on wheels, transformers, metal cages, carrying tents, for large dogs and small ones.
  • A soft carrying bag is needed for traveling with a small dog. On the one hand, models of such bags have an exit, and on the other, a grid-window for review. The bottom of the bag is flat, and the handles are of medium length.
  • The layer of the walls of such a bag can be made of plastic, which holds its shape well. But for transportation in winter it is more convenient to have a bag with a sinteponovoy layer. For the summer fit carrying with a hole for the head. Inside, they are equipped with a carabiner strap so that the dog can be fastened.
  • For dog crumbs it is especially convenient to carry a backpack, which can also be a type of kengurushki. Must be a window, preferably with a metal grid.
  • A plastic container is just necessary for traveling in an airplane. It is very comfortable for a pet and for any rather long journeys. There are a variety of sizes for dogs of any breed. They are distinguished by a huge variety of shapes and colors and are very practical: they are easy to wash and light.
  • Bags for transporting dogs on wheels are more convenient than hand or shoulder. Especially if the pet is not quite tiny or in the hands of missing another luggage. When choosing such a carrying, special attention should be paid to the wheels that break most often. There should also be high-quality textiles, a comfortable bottom, a warm layer and a properly positioned window.
  • For maximum convenience of moving a pet, you can choose a transforming bag, which at the right time can be transformed from a backpack into a carriage on wheels.

The carrying cell is very convenient for transportation and is optimal for fighting breeds. It can be put in a car or a bus and it keeps its shape well, allowing you to breathe freely. But they are heavy and hardly suitable for hand carrying. In addition, they are cool in winter. At the bottom should be a comfortable substrate.

Carrying the tent is necessary for an animal, often traveling to exhibitions, tournaments or nature. They weigh little and are waterproof and can be used as a dog house anywhere.So, a carrying bag for a small dog is an indispensable thing. With her, the pet will always accompany you in traveling and share with you the joy of new discoveries.



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