Dog box with his own hands

The arrangement of a dog house with your own hands must be approached responsibly: make all the necessary measurements, draw sketches. After all, this is a home for the pet. But it can also become a design element of the yard or garden plot.

Dimensions for making a dog box do-it-yourself

The dimensions of the kennel are determined based on the size of its tenant, as well as climate. Dogs are divided into small, medium and large. And the booths can be divided into three sizes. For the smallest dogs, a kennel is made with a height of 600 mm and internal dimensions of 700 by 550. For an average of 750 by 1200 mm with a height of 800 mm. And for large dogs up to the Caucasian Shepherd Dog, the height of a kennel can be 1000-1100 mm with internal dimensions of 1400 per 1000 mm. With such size booths, the dog must enter it freely and turn around.


But you can specify the dimensions of the booth in pet size. Thus, the width of the manhole is determined by the width of the chest plus 5-8 cm. The height of the manhole is calculated from the height of the dog at the withers minus 5 cm. The width of the kennel will be equal to the size of the dog from nose to tail, and the height will be equal to the height at withers. Approximately the same will be the depth.
If the booth is used only in summer, these dimensions can be increased.

Having measured the tenant, you need to draw a sketch. Laz should be placed on the wide side, shifting it from the center a little to the side. The roof is especially cute dvukhskatnaya.
The best material for the construction of dog housing is a coniferous tree. You will need a grooved floorboard, lining, timber 100x100, 100x50 and 40x40, as well as a narrow symmetrical baseboard and decorative slats.

We are starting to build a dog house with our own hands

Construction starts from the bottom. In order for the floor to be double, which means warm, you need to sew a batten onto two 40x40 bars. At the bottom of the corners, install four beams 100x100 long booth plus 45 mm. And in the place of the manhole, install two 40x40 bars. At a level equal to the length of the internal dimension of the height of the booth, it is necessary to fix intermediate racks on which the lid-ceiling will rest.

Now outside with galvanized nails kennel can sheathe clapboard. The lid-ceiling of the booth must be removable so that the kennel can be cleaned and treated for fleas and ticks. For its manufacture they hammer together a perimeter of 40x40 bars, and a sheet of plywood is sewn on them. This construction is warmed with mineral wool, glassine or polystyrene foam. A second sheet of plywood is sewn on top.


The bottom of the kennel must be waterproofed. To do this, the wood is treated with the "Senezh" composition, and then sheathed with roofing felt and two more 100x50 bars are nailed to provide ventilation. To insulate the walls and the floor, the bottom of the booth can be covered with plexiglass, insulation can be laid on it and covered with plexiglass again. Top nail finish floor. You can also insulate the walls.

To the dog's claws are not stuck in the crevices, it is better to lay a sheet of plywood on the floor. The interior corners of the kennel should be trimmed with plinth, and the frame of the manhole should be decorated with a decorative batten. It is better to start work on the roof with gables made of 40x40 timber.

Perimeters are sheathed with clapboard and the asphalt is stabbed from inside with a stapler. To remove the roof, it’s not necessary to hammer the roof into the ends of the corner bars of the booth on a nail with a diameter of 7-10 mm, and then cut them down. On these pins will fit the gables. To do this, drill in the gables under the pins holes.

Having set the gables strictly vertically, you need to pin the sheathing of the trimmed board or lining, providing for the issues. The roof should be covered with roofing material and stacked with shingles with the help of a stapler. The finished kennel outside paint "pinoteksom." From the inside it is not necessary.

Final touches in the construction of a dog house do-it-yourself

To prevent rainwater from leaking under the booth, it is better to install it on four small foundation blocks, each of which should be covered with a pair of layers of roofing material for waterproofing.

Lazom booth should be focused on the entire main territory, which must be viewed by a dog. In winter, the hole should be hung with a curtain of dense fabric, weighted pockets with sewn sand.

So, the dog house with its hands is ready. In such a house, the pet will feel comfortable and faithfully serve its owners.



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