Dog grooming

Dog grooming is not just pointing out the outside gloss. It includes the care of ears, claws, eyes, teeth and pet's fur. The list of the most popular services consists of such hygienic procedures as bathing, parasite disinfection, trimming, haircut, treatment of the eyes and ears, manicure, brushing your teeth, getting rid of tangles and edging.

And still, groomers give you absolutely free tips on how to take care of your pet's hair and skin.

What dogs need grooming?

The owners of dogs of miniature breeds, as a rule, carefully monitor the appearance of pets: after all, these little dogs have to regularly “go out”. But poodles, terriers, spaniels and schnauzer haircut is needed just so that they can move normally.

However, most often owners of animals participating in competitions and exhibitions turn to groomers: having armed themselves with tools, professionals easily turn the “frog” into a “princess”. Now the four-legged ideal has every chance of winning!

Despite the fact that cats are very clean by nature and devote all their free time to "marafet", some of them need special care. Of course, we are talking primarily about long-haired breeds, for example, Persian or Angora cats.

They painfully tolerate any changes in their appearance, so often the unprepared owner cannot even comb a wayward Persian, not to mention a haircut. And felted wool, pus in the eyes and dirty claws do not add attractiveness and health to these animals.

Dogs often need grooming: they are not as flexible as cats, and sometimes they do not even manage to wash their groins on their own. Wool and paws get dirty during each walk.

Dirt gets entangled in the hair, and the scalp actively absorbs odors - hence the unpleasant "odor" that usually comes from an insufficiently maintained dog.

However, it is still not advisable to remove wool from the groin area, around the tail and from the dog's ears: as a rule, animals carefully guard these places, which, by the way, is another reason to contact an experienced groomer.

What is important to know about grooming dogs?

Grooming for a dog is a serious stress, comparable only to going to the vet. Some pets even experience depression after the procedure. Moreover, it is quite difficult to clean up the animal yourself: you need special tools, manual dexterity, at least minimal experience, and dexterity.

After all, a person who tries to "attack" a dog or cat with scissors, the animal will continue to fear. By negligent behavior, you risk losing the trust of your pet forever.

In addition, after a haircut, the coat color of some animals may change - more often it becomes darker. And there are such cats and dogs, which are strictly forbidden to cut. Without knowing it, you can simply deprive the pet of its beauty.

Why can't a dog without grooming?

In our world, as a rule, meet "on clothes." Moreover, this concerns not only people, but also dogs, cats, any other pets. Animals need grooming just as women need makeup and styling, and men need shaving and timely haircut.

Remember: when you came to the pet store or to the breeder, you chose for yourself the most beautiful little dog, the most charming kitten! And those who did not differ in external attractiveness, could be left without a master.

No matter how kind and obedient the dog is, we will not risk patting it, if it is not well-groomed, and if we pat it, then afterwards we will wash our hands immediately. In other words, proper grooming will give your pet the opportunity to receive more love and attention not only from you, but also from those around you! After all, he deserves it!



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