Dog groomer

A dog is a reflection of its owner. Therefore, if the pet is untidy, disheveled or smells unpleasant, it is likely that its owner is not very accurate. However, this is certainly not about you, dear caring owners.

Nevertheless, there is no limit to perfection - how to care for a pet's appearance can be learned from those who see this as their vocation. Our stuff about grooming and professional grooming for dogs.

Unusual profession - dog groomer

We are not surprised when we hear that a person works as a hairdresser, but the word "groomer" usually raises questions.

The first groomers appeared in England several centuries ago. Then this profession involves the ability to care for horse hair. For a long time, such workers were hired for hygienic reasons, but over time this unusual craft changed.

And today, groomers are people who professionally care for the hair of pets, their claws and ears. In other words, these are hairdressers-stylists for animals, and grooming from craft has long since become a real art.

Required qualities for dog groomer

A diploma in completing a grooming course will not make you a high-class specialist. People of this profession should have such irreplaceable qualities as kindness, love for animals, ability to find a common language with everyone, even with naughty pets.

Quite temperamental creatures are often found among four-legged clients, so a good reaction will not be superfluous either. And, of course, the groomer should have a hairdresser's talent. Knowledge of animal anatomy and zoology will be useful in the work.

In addition, a hairdresser for pets must accurately determine the breeds of dogs and cats, know the standards of exhibition haircuts and hairstyles, otherwise his clients will be only “sofa” small dogs.

Many dog ​​groomers point out that the most pleasant thing about their work is the ability to turn an unsightly, unattractive, at first glance, animal into a perfect creature. At such moments, they feel like real wizards!



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