Chipping dogs or why does a pet need a passport?

Chipping dogs allows you to solve many problems and this will be discussed in this article. What only had to be transferred at different times to animals, so that the owners could distinguish them from other individuals: gluing with a hot iron, incisions and piercing the ears, tattooing, banding, scarring and dyeing wool ...

Today, you do not need to torture your pet to give him a passport and thus take care of his safety. Experienced veterinarians advise owners to look at chipping technology.

How is chipping dogs?

Initially, chipping was used to mark up expensive goods - to prevent their theft. But in 1989, Texas Instruments created chips that could be implanted under the skin of an animal. To this day, their use is the most reliable way to identify a pet.

An electronic chip, the size of a rice grain, is implanted into the area under the withers of the pet. This carrier contains detailed information about the animal, information about its health and the availability of vaccinations, as well as the name, surname, address and telephone number of the person who brought the pet for chipping.

You can implant the chip in a large veterinary clinic. Moreover, the procedure lasts only a couple of minutes. The animal is given an injection, which, in addition to the liquid solution, contains the microchip itself, enclosed in a small capsule of bioglass. After the procedure, the animal can not be scratched and washed the injection site for two days. Therefore, if the pet is fidget, it is better to wear a special protective collar on it.

So in five minutes the dog will have its own electronic passport, which will be with her all his life. Together with the chip, an electronic number of 15 digits is assigned to the animal, in which the country and clinic code where this mini-operation took place is encrypted.

All information is entered into a single database of pets, and the owner is issued an identification card. Data from the chip and the card is read in an instant using a special scanner.

Why do you need chipping dogs?

The card received with the chip is a legal document. Presenting it, you can prove that the animal belongs to you. Therefore, if a dog or cat was stolen from you, an illegal substitution was made, the court will consider your case only when you prove that it is your animal.

However, what is more important, chipping greatly facilitates the process of finding escaped pets. Most often, people who have found the "loss" on the street, bring it to the nursery. There, a "favorite" pet is necessarily scanned, checking whether it has a chip, and if there is, it is easy to find the contact numbers of the host in a single database.

By the way, you will not be able to travel with your pet if you do not conduct this procedure. From May 26, 2000, only animals with electronic documents are allowed into the EU countries.

Chipping helps the dog

The chip does not harm the animal and does not cause discomfort. And the procedure itself is not more painful than the usual injection. The chip implanted under the skin will not be lost, the information will not be erased from it. In addition, very importantly, this "document" can not be falsified, cut or changed.

Remember: chipping dogs is still an opportunity to protect yourself from suffering. About how difficult it is to survive the loss of a four-legged friend, they are known by many owners who have lost their pets in the past and, despite all the measures taken, could not find them.

And if earlier their animals were equipped with electronic "passports", they would have returned home safe and sound.

Chipping price

How much is chipping dogs? The price for chipping dogs in Moscow and St. Petersburg ranges from 600 to 2000 rubles. The cost depends on whether you carry out the procedure in a specialized clinic or prefer to call the veterinarian to the house. In other cities of Russia, the price of the service is usually 10-20% cheaper.



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