Reviews on ultrasonic dog scarers

Recently, a device such as an ultrasonic dog deterrent has become increasingly popular with the public. How effective it is we asked to share our impressions of our site visitors. Some reviews about these devices we publish in this article.

Review on ultrasonic dog repeller DAZER 2

I bought the most popular dog repeller, DAZER 2. There are many stray dogs in our area, and I also often ride a bicycle. Flocks react inadequately to cyclists and have repeatedly attacked. Well, managed to leave. Therefore, I decided to buy this wonderful device. True, there were doubts whether it would work, and the thing is not cheap, so I agreed with the seller that it would be possible to return the goods if it did not pass the tests.

Domestic dog responded to the inclusion of the device. True, not instantly, but after five seconds I began to listen, look around, and then ran into another room and hid under the bed. Therefore, I began to carry the device with me. And he really saved me more than once. True, it acts differently on different dogs.

Some immediately tails up, others run back to a safe distance, but continue to bark. And he begins to act not instantly. This should be taken into account and it is better to turn on in advance, approaching the danger zone where dogs may be. There is a slight delay in the action of seconds at five, but they can be fatal.

Vladimir, Moscow

Feedback on the ultrasonic dog repeller AD-100

This model is chosen for two reasons. First, it is very compact and equipped with a flashlight. Dogs often attack in the evening or at night. Because it turns out very convenient when you light your way with a flashlight and at any time ready to turn on the repeller. It generates a 125 dB ultrasonic signal unpleasant to dogs and additionally scares off with bright white light. And the second reason is an additional mode in which this device can operate. This is the training mode. I have a young Caucasian who still needs to be taught to some commands and having turned on the repeller for this mode, I get a weak signal that helps the dog to learn and obey.

Igor, Yekaterinburg

Ukrainian stationary dog ​​repeller with a shocker

Someone has a problem to miss with dogs, and I had a need to drive off the strollers from the dacha. We have wild places, flocks roam in search of food, climb into the plots, turn out the garbage, and of course trample down the garden. Especially in early spring just a disaster. I had to plant the cabbage three times - the seedlings were eating away.

Therefore, I purchased a Ukrainian stationary dog ​​repeller with a shocker. It connects to AC 220 V and you can set in advance the frequency of its inclusion from 15 to 75 minutes. True, on the street you need to protect the device from moisture. Shocker improves the efficiency of the device. Its switching frequency can also be adjusted at regular intervals. The tests went great. This spring, for the first time I am calm for the harvest and order in the country.

Vasily, Novosibirsk

Feedback on ultrasonic dog repeller Thunder

Our son is forced to go to school through a large wasteland, where schools of dogs constantly settle. Therefore, we bought him the device Thunder. This is a very small repeller (9.5 cm) that fits comfortably in your hand. In winter, it is convenient that a flashlight is built into it and the child can highlight his own way. And for the dog light is an additional deterrence. The son is very pleased, for a month he managed to avoid two collisions with dogs. He says that when the device is turned on for more than 10 meters, they do not dare approach, and many immediately escape.

Ksenia, St. Petersburg

Dear visitors, if you have used or are using any ultrasonic dog repeller, share your opinion about his work and leave your feedback in the form below. Thus, you will help make the right choice to all those who are only going to buy this kind of device.



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