Organization of feeding a pregnant dog

One of the most crucial periods in a dog's life is pregnancy. Proper feeding of a pregnant dog is a guarantee of the health of the future offspring and the woman in labor itself.

It was at this time that the physiological indices change significantly, various metabolic processes in the body are disturbed, nutrients are accumulated and supplied for the development of the fetus. Properly formulated diet allows you to maintain the health of your dog, contributes to the successful bearing and subsequent birth of viable offspring.

The organization of food used for a pregnant bitch makes the most important condition a ban on foods that do not meet the established indicators, among which the most important are: fats, proteins, carbohydrates, as well as vitamin and mineral substances. In this crucial period, it is necessary to provide the dog with complete feed, which must maintain the vital activity of the pet at the proper level.

However, it should be remembered that it is necessary to control the daily weight gain of the animal, because obesity in dogs is not acceptable. During the first month there are no significant changes in the life of the dog.

Feeding of a pregnant dog is made according to the previously established schedule.

  • It should be noted that in this period of time in pregnant dogs there is a strong thirst, so it is very important to provide the animal with clean water, in which there are no signs of stuffiness and pollution.
  • Fresh meat or liver, dairy products such as cottage cheese or milk, as well as vegetables intended to replenish vitamins and minerals in the body must be included in the diet.
  • It should be noted that in the initial period of pregnancy the dog needs about 35 grams of calcium, as well as up to 25 grams of phosphorus. The lack of these trace elements in the diet contributes to the birth of unviable young animals.
  • Calcium gluconate in combination with phytin is used to compensate for the deficiency.
  • From the fourth week of pregnancy, the daily giving of food is doubled. At this time in the diet must be present fresh meat, fish, cottage cheese, liquid porridge and soups.
  • Do not forget also about vitamins A and D, which play a crucial role in the life of the dog. By the sixth week of pregnancy necessarily include in the diet mineral supplements, such as bone meal.
  • The reduction of fed food should be made in the last week of pregnancy when the dog has no characteristic appetite.

Feeding pregnant dogs is carried out in small portions. Due to the fact that your pet is under severe stress at this time, you can treat it to tasty, but do not overdo it. It is important that during the period of pregnancy the owner gives his dog enough attention, caress and, of course, love. If you follow these rules, you will undoubtedly get healthy and viable young animals, as well as keep your dog healthy for many years.

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