What is a dog for?

At the word "booth" many people have the image of a wooden box with a sloping roof, from which the dog's nose sticks out. But modern booths are made from a variety of different materials: plastic, brick, metal and even glass.

Wooden dog houses most often made from spruce, alder, pine or oak. And they make them not only for large yard dogs-watchmen, but also for small domestic pets. After all, every pet needs a home where it can feel completely safe and at ease.

But the dog living in the yard additionally needs shelter from rain, snow, scorching sun and wind. To choose the right dog kennel, you must consider the size of the animal. The dog should easily pass into the booth and unfold freely in it. If you are friends with building tools, you can easily make a dog booth with your own hands.

The optimal size of the dog booth

In this case, the kennel should not be too spacious for the dog to be able to warm it with his body. On average, for small breeds of dogs the booth has dimensions of 50x60x60 cm, for medium ones (pit bull, Shar Pei) - 70x95x80 cm, and for large breeds the height of the house should be at least 130 cm, and length with widths of 110 and 95 cm.

In the autumn, the booth should be insulated with a heat insulating layer between the roof and the ceiling (thatch), bedding (for example, from old blankets) and a curtain in the manhole. If the dog lives in a cold climate, it is better to prefer a kennel with double walls, the space between which is filled with insulating material (sawdust). In order to avoid cracks, wooden boards must be connected to the groove.

Important points when choosing a dog house

You can make or buy a puppy based on its future size, but if it grows even in the cold season, you can reduce the internal volume of the kennel with the help of straw and old blankets.

It is better to install it not on the ground, but on cement tiles or bricks, and in front of the booth to build wooden flooring to rest the dog outside the house. If the booth is made of brick, it should still be raised above the ground on small piles, so that in the event of a shower the house is not flooded with water.

It is desirable that the roof was sloping to drain rainwater and removable for easy cleaning of the booth and its treatment of fleas and ticks. Although in many villages I traditionally make almost flat roofs so that the dog can climb on it and bark at passersby behind the fence, watching all the people passing by.

If the layout allows a choice, it is better to orient the booth to the south, so that the northern winds do not force it out. At the same time, the booth should stand so that the dog can see well the entrance to the house, and the gate to the courtyard. Then she will not be nervous. But if you need an aggressive watchman, for example, at night without a chain guarding the entire compound, then the booth should be placed as far as possible from people in the farthest part of the garden.

Now you can not only buy, but also make to order absolutely any booth up to multi-room canine choirs with double-glazed windows on the windows and central heating.



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