Responsibilities and responsibilities of a guard dog owner

Usually, when it comes to guard dogs, the imagination draws an aggressive, attacking animal, which is not very attractive in appearance.

On the one hand, without this, the dog would not be able to protect its owner, since its very appearance and growl are able to warn the criminal against a possible attack. However, this is often not enough. On the other hand, it is this image that lives in our ideas that makes many people afraid to start a service or guard breed dog.

Guard breeds of dogs by their very appearance makes a very impressive impression on people. And that means aggression is an integral part of its essence. And, therefore, an aggressive animal that can very easily inflict severe damage on a person should be trained accordingly.

As a rule, people who tell about the horrors perpetrated by different dogs talk about dogs of some breed. And if you ask them: "Was this dog trained?" - then they will probably become thoughtful. This moment is really fundamental, as people, as a rule, classify dogs exclusively by breed. Many dog ​​owners, such as rottweilers or dobermans, tend to regard them as police dogs, although their pets do not serve in the police force and have not completed any relevant training course.

Then a natural question arises: does our responsibility increase if we have a guard dog? To such a question, a decent person - the owner of such an animal - must answer in the affirmative. Otherwise it should not be. If you, for example, buy a house, a car, a gun, doesn’t this add to your hassle? It is just in the order of things that the owner of things is responsible for them. The same applies to the owner of the dog guard breed. If you (God forbid!) Hit someone while driving, the law will be your responsibility, not your car. In the same way, you should be held responsible if your dog hurts someone.

It is forbidden and unsafe to walk a dog without a leash in public places, where it can bite another dog or person, tear someone's clothes, etc. The place of a guard dog is in the house or behind the fence of your site, which should be high enough and inaccessible to prevent children or unwanted guests from entering the territory protected by the dog. And the dog - stop to go outside.

In other words, if you are ready to take responsibility for your dog, then you can start it, but if not, forget about a dog of any guard breed.

Is it possible to treat a guard dog as a dangerous weapon?

Yes, the use of a dog for attack or defense is qualified by the courts of almost all countries as the use of knives. California law, for example, defines a deadly weapon or weapon as something that may or may not cause death or serious injury.

There is also a court order that states that a dog falls under this definition. It sounds like this: "If an inanimate object, such as a pillow, razor blade, or a needle hidden in an apple, can be considered a deadly weapon or a tool, then, by definition, a dog that is trained mercilessly pounce on a man at the command of the host. "

The court, however, points out that in each specific case specific circumstances should be taken into account.

Nevertheless, the conclusion of the court unequivocally states: “A dog specially trained to pounce on people on command, or executing this command without special training and has sufficient capacity to bring its victim to death or cause heavy injuries to it deadly weapons. "

All of this speaks of the depth of responsibility that a person who holds a guard dog has to assume. You just need to firmly grasp that, firstly, such a dog must be trained, and, secondly, that such a dog can only be used for protection purposes!



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