3 common mistakes in dog training

Some dog owners and trainers will tell you that training a dog can take you weeks or even months. And some owners of dogs believe that two classes with a trainer are enough for their pet to instantly understand and execute their commands.

Right in most cases will be the first. Dog training is actually much more difficult than it seemed at first glance. This process can become even harder if dog owners make the following common mistakes:

Training should be a joy!

Training any breed of dog should be a positive experience, both for the dog and for its owner. Do not concentrate on the minor mistakes your dog makes. On the contrary, pay attention to the positive and correct moments and reward your pet for it.

The reward can be in the form of praise in a voice - for example: “well done”, “good boy”, “good girl” or something like that, stroking, something edible or playing with his favorite toy. If you constantly encourage the dog for its successful actions, it will crawl out of its skin to please you. But if you constantly grumble and punish her, she will lose interest, lose confidence and is unlikely to want to do anything at all. Therefore, positive consolidation is much more effective.

Dog Training Tips - Why Doesn't She Understand?

People often forget that dogs do not understand every word you utter. They were born in an environment where they do not understand our Russian language! Dogs do not have a memory that functions like ours. For example, if you were not at home for some time, and the dog was left alone.

You returned home and found the complete mess she made. If you start shouting at a dog and punishing her for it, you will not do anything good. This is because the dog does not understand at all what it is being punished for, since it will find absolutely no connection with what it has done 10 minutes ago and your cry now.

So that your dog is aware of what it is being punished for, the punishment must occur immediately after the unwanted action of the dog. It is clear that this can make you very upset when you notice that your dog is doing unwanted things. But be patient and do not give up. If an undesirable action did not happen at the moment, you should not get angry and punish the dog for it. This will make you worse.

In fact, you must first ask yourself why your dog behaves in the wrong way. Maybe you just needed to walk with her well before you left the dog alone. The dog at this time at this time t goes to the toilet and get tired enough and then most likely, it will just sleep before you come.

Dog Training Tips - Don't Get Angry!

If your dog behaves badly or does not make progress in the training, because you want it. Do not be angry at the dog! Dogs do not do this on purpose to make you angry. If you are upset about the training, then best of all, take a break and return to this activity at another time. There will be no use for you and the dog if you are angry. The dog feels your mood and you will not get the results you expect. The dog will work much better with a calm owner than with an irritable one.

However, it may happen that some things you can not train your dog. And if these things really make sense to train your dog, and your dog is basically able to perform them, and you are doing everything correctly in the process of training, then it makes sense to seek help from a professional trainer.

A professional dog trainer will help you overcome problems in dog training and can give you valuable advice or notice things you don’t even realize. A good trainer is a fantastic assistant for those who have problems in dog training and the cost of it will pay off.

These tips you should definitely take into account when training your dog.

Remember that a well-trained dog is a happy dog ​​that brings great joy to its owners.



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