What are dog clippers?

Owners of dogs of those breeds that need constant care for their coat cannot do without a clipper.

Even if the pet regularly visits the grooming salon to make the show coat look, some dogs (for example, Yorkshire terriers, lapdogs, and pomeranian) need to cut the wool weekly in certain places so that the dog looks tidy and well. But the coat of most dogs can not be cut with a “human” machine and therefore one should purchase a specialized one.

Types of machines for grooming dogs

Dog clippers are amateur and professional and differ in work time without overheating, durability and, of course, price. If it is necessary to make dozens or even hundreds of haircuts in a year, you cannot do without a professional machine with an electric motor with a gearbox.

At home, when it is necessary to cut only one dog, an amateur machine will do. As a rule, it has a vibration drive and rigidly fixed knives.

There are cars with a device that allows you to adjust the length of hair, which remains on the dog, in the range of 0.5-3 mm. But this range can be expanded with the help of plastic nozzles, which will allow to leave wool up to 15 mm long.

Also, there are mechanical, that is, manual machines, which often perform a small amount of work, for example, shear paws, muzzle, ears.

Unlike electrical, it is noiseless and allows you to remove felted, heavily soiled wool. They are also used at exhibitions where there are no sources of power supply, and the dog urgently needs a little tweaking of the appearance.

The most famous manufacturers of dog grooming companies are Moser (Moser), Oster (Oster), Rex, Wahl, Andis, Thrive

Grooming tools of the German company Moser are known all over the world. They are distinguished by high reliability and quality of grooming. Moser dog clippers are of two types: the more powerful rotary and vibromagnetic (vibratory).

In the rotary typewriter professional type air cooling system is provided, and vibrating heated up after 20-30 minutes of work, after which a break is needed.

One of the most popular models of Moser machines has a power of 45 W and is capable of cutting dogs with very different wool. For a dog with soft and fine hair, a Moser 1400 model at 10 watts will suffice.

A rotary machine Moser Max 1245 at 45 watts easily and quietly cuts not only dogs, but also cats, and even horses. Moser has a huge range of different dog grooming tools, both professional and amateur.

The world's largest producer of animal clippers is the American company Wahl Clipper Corporation. She recently acquired the German plant Moser and its machines are made there, but knives for them are made in the USA.

Professionals point out that Wahl knives are of the highest quality. Oster typewriters (USA) have certain advantages, which have high power, but at the same time are not large and allow you to successfully cut a dog at home.

Aesculap cars (Germany) are distinguished by excellent quality, where there are models designed for grooming the smallest animals and designed to serve for 20 years. Also similar equipment produced by Andis, Thrive, Flexi, Artero. Their equipment is made from high-quality materials using new technologies and takes into account the difference in density and structure of the hair of dogs of different breeds.

Knives for dog grooming and other accessories: where better to buy?

Separately to dog clippers, you can purchase accessories. First of all it is replaceable knife blocks. They adjust the length of the haircut from 1.2 to 9 mm. These knives are especially convenient when shearing those breeds of dogs where the standard requires a diverse hairstyle.

Moser knife blocks are distinguished by their high quality and wide variety. They are suitable for machines not only of this company, but also of many others. A necessary accessory to the typewriter are plastic nozzles, which also allow cutting the wool, leaving a certain length - up to 15 mm.

It is better to buy dog ​​clippers and accessories for them in specialized stores or online stores. Then you can be sure that you will not buy a fake, will not cope with hard wool or will quickly break.


How much does a dog grooming machine cost? One of the most popular is the Moser type of machine, because it is often quite a budget option. So the Moser 9W TR 900 model costs about 900-1000 rubles. No less popular is the Moser 10W Type 1400 model, which costs about 2,000 rubles.

One of the cheapest popular models for beginners is the Nova 8609 wireless dog clipper worth 370-400 rubles. Among professionals, the MOSER MAX45 1245-0066 model is in great demand, its price hovers around 4,100 rubles.



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