Royal Canin for small and miniature breeds of dogs

In this article we will review the Royal Canin feed for small breeds of dogs, mini (mini). Not only the biggest, but also the smallest has the ability to attract our attention.

The secret of this phenomenon lies in the word "most", which means that before us is something exceptional, out of the ordinary. Dogs of miniature breeds fully deserve these definitions: their exclusivity explains the growing interest in them among amateur dog breeders and professional breeders.

But not only the ultra-small size and unusual exterior qualities distinguish miniature dogs from the general range: these attractive creatures, whose society is so desirable for many modern citizens, unite a whole range of special needs that cannot be ignored when organizing their healthy diet. What are these needs, and are there any solutions in the field of nutrition that will satisfy them as fully as possible?

Why is Royal Canin for small and miniature dog breeds the perfect feed?

Miniature breeds of dogs are usually representatives of breeds in which the weight of adults does not exceed 4 kg, that is, Japanese chinas, bichons, toy-terriers, so popular today, as well as miniature varieties of such breeds as spitz, schnauzer and some others.

Until now, the division of dog breeds into small and miniature was conditional and was carried out solely by quantitative criteria - size and weight. With the deepening of knowledge in the biology and morphology of dogs, it became possible to determine the qualitative criteria that distinguish "just small" from "especially small."

In general terms, they can be formulated as follows: all signs that relate to the positive and negative features of dogs of small breeds are expressed in miniature dogs much stronger.

Hence the conclusion: the nutritional needs of miniature dogs, due to their characteristics, are even more critical when choosing a diet, and neglecting them can have even more serious consequences than in dogs of small breeds.

How many steps does a Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier have to take in order to keep up with their owner for a walk? The answer is obvious: significantly more than a Great Dane, or at least a medium sized Terrier.

Considerable activity and a fast metabolism of a miniature breed dog set the owner to choose for her food with a high energy content.

"Little dog - puppy to old age" ... This famous saying is not so true when it comes to the features of the life cycle of a miniature dog. The smaller the dog, the higher its lifespan, while the growth of a miniature animal is short and intense, and almost the entire second half of its life is in the period of aging!

So from a biological point of view, a miniature pet quickly ceases to be a puppy and remains in a state of "late maturity" for a long time, in which its original food needs become even more specific.

In a miniature dog, everything is miniature, and the jaws are no exception. The small size of the oral cavity is a factor contributing to the intensive formation of plaque, which, when calcified, turns into tartar and, with a lack of oral care, causes diseases of the teeth and gums.

Local bacterial infection can penetrate the bloodstream and pose a threat to the weak heart of the animal. The pet food of a miniature dog should not only have a composition that prevents calcification of plaque, but also have a texture that promotes mechanical cleaning of teeth from it.

The organs accommodated by a tiny body are also small: the stomach of a miniature dog has a minimum capacity, and the length of its intestines is small. Fast intestinal transit causes indigestion.

To warn them, food intended for miniature dogs must contain components that facilitate the movement of food in the intestines and ensure their maximum digestion.

The small capacity of the stomach and bladder of a miniature dog creates conditions for the development of her urolithiasis: the volume of fluid accommodated by the stomach is not enough to form, and the tiny bladder is enough to hold the amount of urine in which salts dissolve to a concentration not threatening the formation of stones: struvite and calcium oxalate. To solve this problem should feed that helps to maintain the optimal acidity of urine.

Some representatives of miniature breeds "business card" is wool - long, thick, having a characteristic color. Keeping the coat in perfect condition is impossible if the dog’s skin is not completely healthy. Nutrients necessary to maintain healthy skin and coat enter the body of the dog with food, and therefore their level in it is of particular importance.

The very appearance of a miniature dog suggests its intelligibility in food, and this assumption is fully confirmed in practice. Making the fastidious animal to eat enough so that its body receives the necessary amount of nutrients and energy is possible only in one way - by making the taste and smell of food, as well as the size, consistency and shape of its pieces, especially attractive.

The line of feed Royal Canin Mini (mini) for small breeds of dogs

In search of a solution that meets all of the above requirements, ROYAL CANIN followed the same logic that underlies the distinction between small and miniature breeds: all the features that are inherent in the MINI? Intended to meet the special nutritional needs of small breed dogs, X-Small gamma must be developed to meet even more specific needs of the “smallest” representatives of this species throughout their life. The X-Small feed, like the MINI, is available in four types: Junior, Adult, Mature +8, Aging +12. What properties do they possess and which elements of their formulas give them certain properties?

The high content of energy in the feed is especially important during the period of rapid growth of puppies. Small (miniature) dogs grow much faster than large ones, and the period of growth ends in them much faster (at the age of 8-10 months). Therefore, the caloric content of the Royal Canin X-Small Junior feed significantly exceeds the caloric content of the Junior feed for very large dogs.

The characteristics of a long aging period inherent in miniature dogs are taken into account in Mature +8 and Aging +12. The first signs of aging in dogs of this type are the weakening of the heart muscle and reduced kidney function. Magnesium, L-carnitine and taurine contribute to the stimulation of the heart, while potassium is found in food in moderation in order not to provoke hyperkalemia, the development of which inhibits cardiac function.

The low content of phosphorus in the feed prevents the development of chronic renal failure in an aging dog, and a high content of EPA and DHA significantly increases the glomerular filtration rate.

The composition of dog food intended for aging animals includes nutrients that mitigate the effects of oxidative stress and slow down cellular aging (vitamins C and E, lutein and taurine, which form the so-called CELT complex)

The consistency of croquet for aging dogs is softer than usual. In addition, they are easy to soak.

Without exception, all X-Small gourmet feeds have the ability to protect a dog's teeth from the formation of plaque and its transformation into tartar. The texture of croquet contributes to the mechanical cleaning of teeth from plaque, and the so-called calcium chelators, which are sodium polyphosphates, prevent it from being known.

Another distinctive feature of all Royal Qin X-Small feeds is their ability to normalize intestinal transit. It is provided in two ways: on the one hand, the feed contains easily digestible L.I.P. proteins, which prevents entry of large amounts of protein content into the large intestine and its decomposition. On the other hand, for its manufacture, special types of fiber are used (in particular, Psyllium plantain seeds, containing water-soluble plant mucus that absorbs excess water), which stimulate the evacuation of intestinal contents and improve stool quality.

Urinary tract health is achieved through a special composition that provides the optimal pH (acidity) level of urine and the optimal ionic composition of body fluids, thereby limiting the formation of struvites and oxalates.

Maintaining a healthy skin and coat is provided by a whole complex of substances that protect the skin from dehydration and damage, the penetration of allergens and infections into it, as well as contributing to the growth of wool. These include proteins, sulfur-containing amino acids (methionine and cystine), vitamins A and H (biotin) and omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

Finally, these Royal Canin dog foods have the highest palatability, which, combined with the small size of croquet, adapted to the jaws of miniature dogs, stimulates the appetite, helps to saturate and enter the body of the required amount of nutrients, despite its extreme intelligibility in food.

The X-Small feed is an excellent example of how closely Royal Canin treats the smallest needs of the “smallest” of its consumers. And this is not the limit: after all, there are many miniature breeds, and their representatives are entitled to their own special, highly specialized product, “the very best” for the “most-most”.



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