Darling dog food - economical food from French developers

Darling dog food (Darling) was developed by the well-known company Nestle Purina (France), but it is produced in Hungary. These are dry food and canned food with a varied menu that belong to economy class feed.

It is intended for regular basic nutrition of the dog and implies additional feeding of the dog with individual delicacies: greens, cottage cheese, etc.

A wide range of this food for dogs allows you to choose a diet for any adult animal and will satisfy all its nutritional needs.

Darling feed contains animal by-products and meat (at least 4%), cereals, vegetable by-products, vegetables, fats and oils, minerals and vitamins.

Varieties of rations of dry dog ​​food Darling (Darling)

  • Diet "Darling bird with vegetables" is designed for dogs of all breeds in age from one to eight years. Fats and oils contained in feed support skin health, silkiness and beauty of wool. Immunity dogs strengthen vitamins from vegetables.
  • Dry food "Meat with Vegetables" is designed for adult dogs with a normal level of activity. It is balanced for all biological active and nutrients, taking into account all the characteristics of the body of an adult dog. To maintain strong muscle mass in the diet contains the optimal protein content of 7%. The fat level of 3% satisfies all the energy needs of the animal. To maintain the skeleton and strong healthy teeth in the feed balanced calcium and minerals. For good digestion, fiber is included in food, and taurine is used for heart and eyes. Crude protein in a product not less than 18 percent.
  • Canned food for dogs Darling "Rabbit, Turkey, Pasta" are juicy pieces in a sauce with the addition of pasta and can be offered to the dog, which is on a natural type of feeding. These canned foods should be fed separately, not mixing with cereals and dry food. Rabbit and turkey meat in feed at 4%, the same amount of pasta.

It is important that when feeding the dog dry food Darling the animal always had access to fresh water. Also, dog food Darling (Darling) is available in the diets "Meat with vegetables", "Bird with vegetables". Packages of dry food are packed in a fairly large volume - 3 kg and 10 kg. However, since this feed is inexpensive, such packaging is even more economical.



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