Euthanasia of dogs: if there is no choice ...

Euthanasia for dogs is still more humane death than suffering from incurable serious diseases. Unfortunately, we all sooner or later face death. Most often this unpleasant acquaintance is associated with the loss of a four-legged comrade.

Many leave themselves, because their time has come, and some, before leaving this world, go through severe suffering. What to do to the owner, whose pet is fatally ill: to ease the flour of a friend, or go with him all the tests to the very end?

Euthanasia dogs, of course, the most extreme step. Veterinarians recommend sleeping with such diagnoses as inoperable malignant tumors in a dog, chronic renal failure, physical damage to the respiratory tract. For more information about the procedure itself and the cost, read the article: Put the dog to sleep.

Dogs do not suffer pain as people do - they become quiet, hide in the corners, literally melt before our eyes. And, unfortunately, only the adoption of a difficult decision can give them the long-awaited peace and deliverance from suffering.

Even staying with your pet until the last, caring for him, you will have to devote yourself completely to him. Not every person will be able to provide full care to his friend. In addition, by prolonging his suffering, you doom yourself to an unbearable, long farewell to him.

Euthanasia of dogs at home

In some situations it is better to call the veterinarian at home and carry out the procedure of euthanasia at home, as transporting the dog can cause unbearable pain.

Moreover, in some veterinary clinics the cost of conducting euthanasia at home or in a clinic may be the same or not significantly different.

How is dog euthanasia performed?

Euthanasia is done in two ways:

  1. intravenous administration of a large dose of anesthesia
  2. intramuscular

In both cases, the animal instantly falls asleep, after a while it stops breathing, and then the heart. Death comes without agony and convulsions.

A friend is known in trouble, but it happens that we cannot help a pet by ourselves, and then the only thing left is to give him the opportunity to leave without pain. Having made this choice, make sure that your four-legged friend is in safe hands and the means that the doctor uses will alleviate his suffering, and not aggravate them.

According to the Animal Rights Society of the United States, up to 1-2 million stray dogs are put to sleep every year in shelters just because there are no people willing to shelter them and make them part of their family.

In this case, the euthanasia of dogs is a necessary measure, because not all animals can find owners, and it is too expensive to keep them in shelters. Whether authorities and animal rights advocates will be able to come to an agreement, time will tell, but for now the question of the humanity of such a method of “very clean” streets remains open.



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