Dog Food Fest Choice (1-st choice)

Dog Food Fest Choice (1-st Choice) is produced by Canadian company PLB International. This is a superpremium dog food that complies with the principles of better modern nutrition.

It combines the optimal balance of ingredients of the highest quality, the latest achievements in the field of dietetics and exceptional taste.First of all, the 1st Choice dog food is intended for everyday feeding of puppies and for adult dogs. In addition, in the assortment of the brand are presented and food for dogs with special needs: the elderly, with a sensitive stomach, for animals with allergies, with sensitive skin, etc.

All diets do not contain soy, pork and beef, animal by-products and are made only from the highest quality ingredients. They are perfectly digested and have the perfect balance of mineral and nutrients.

The composition and price of dog food fest choice (1-st choice)

Ingredients include diets such as chicken, duck or lamb meat, chicken fat, corn and wheat flour, rice, beet pulp, dehydrated whole eggs, tomato paste (dried in the sun), whole flax seeds, seasoning from chicken liver, salt and special vitamins and minerals.

Also, 1st Choice dry food for dogs contains special ingredients that give them beneficial properties. So, to strengthen the immune system in the feed contains zinc, which also speeds up the healing process and gives the hair shine and skin elasticity.

Beta carotene fights infections, neurological and even cancer, as well as eye diseases. No less useful are vitamins C and E.

Mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) provide absorption of nutrients and complete digestion, maintain an optimal balance of intestinal microflora, prevent diarrhea.

Flax seeds are a source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce the manifestations of allergy, normalizes the process of molting, accelerates wound healing. Lecithin reduces cholesterol in the blood, improves liver function, slows the aging process of nerve cells.

The feed also contains extract of the Yucca schidiger plant. Its bark contains steroid saponin, which reduces the ammonium content in the urine. Thus, it eliminates the unpleasant smell of animal feces, which is important for owners of small dogs who use the tray.

This food has great taste, strengthening the dog's immunity. The 1st Choice feeds are packaged in packs of 350 gr., 2, 72 kg, 6, 7, 12, 14, 15 and 20 kg. Their price varies from 115 to 3500 rubles.



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