Features of dog food holistic class?

A holistic feed class is not just a quality level of products. First of all, this is the concept of both the dog food manufacturer and the pet owners.

The principles of holistic nutrition consider a product not as a set of ingredients, but as a single harmonious product. Thanks to this approach holistic-class dog food stimulates the dog's body's ability to heal itself, maintain health at all levels, allowing it to be maintained for many years.

Holistic is a healthy food that is made according to the physiology of the dog and only of high-quality ingredients and subordinated to properly balanced nutritional formulas. The products used for the production of such feed are edible and human. They are labeled as human grade.

Holistic food for dogs is especially necessary for animals suffering from food intolerance (idiosyncrasy), indigestion, food allergies, and will also reduce dryness of the skin, which is often accompanied by itching.

Many serious companies that produce dog food and produce holistic. But, despite the high quality, each brand of food has its own characteristics.

Holistic dog food formulas are designed for all stages of animal development.

CANIDAE feeds have rations with four types of meat: turkey, chicken, lamb and fish, and from cereals only white and brown rice. For the balance of vitamins and other nutrients in the feed contains sunflower and linseed oil, cold pressed, alfalfa, eggs, apples, rosemary, sage, cranberries, amaranth, kelp, brown beer, yeast, yucca, probiotics (useful microflora to improve digestion), additional vitamins and minerals.

Food Holistic holing includes meat from grain-fed chickens, ducks, turkeys, and fresh fish; brown and wild rice, polished oats and barley, as well as a mixture of fruits and vegetables, organic herbs, which provide the animal with vitamins, macro-and microelements.

Food "Sanine Caviar" is especially recommended for animals with diseases of the heart, liver, kidneys. He controls the level of cholesterol in the blood, carries out the prevention of diabetes and cancer. It has the highest digestibility on the market - 91-93%. Food does not contain thermally processed fruits and vegetables, which often increases the risk of diabetes.

Popular brands of holistic dog food

LEGACY Valuing Tradition's Canadian holistic food contains dehydrated chicken, lamb and ocean salmon, which provide the perfect balance of amino acids. Of the cereals, brown rice, oats and barley are used. Added fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, probiotics, glucosamine, essential vitamins and minerals.

The unique FirstMate holistic feed series is unique. It does not use cereals. Feed this series consists of such rations as "Fish with potatoes", "Chicken with blueberries". The main source of protein (more than 70%) of grainless rations is the meat of chicken or lamb, herring. Sources of carbohydrates and vitamins are blueberries, raspberries, tomato and beet pulp.

French hypoallergenic holofer-feed Grandorf Sensitive Care also have a large number of meat ingredients (up to 57%). This meat is lamb, turkey, salmon. This feed does not contain any products that can cause allergies: chicken fat, chicken, offal, wheat, corn, beet pulp, sugar, salt, artificial fillers, dyes, flavors, soy and GMOs.



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