Canned Berkeley (Berley) - German quality in dog food

Canned food for Berkeley premium dogs are manufactured in Germany by Landguth Heimtiernahrung GmbH. They are referred to as feed holists, which can help the body to heal thanks to proper nutrition.

German quality dog ​​food

The concept of "German quality" has become a kind of brand, indicating impeccability. Berkley wet dog food is no exception. It is made only from natural ingredients and is devoid of colorants, flavors and artificial preservatives. It does not find cheap vegetable components that replace animal protein, such as soy. Berkeley canned foods do not contain genetically modified organisms, bone meal, molded minced meat products, and attractants.

The task of this feed is to provide the dog with a complete balanced diet, to which no additives will be needed. It carefully calculated all proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. To do this, select only high-quality fresh raw materials, which are purchased only from German suppliers, proven over the years. Sorted raw materials by hand.

Modern equipment provides careful processing of products, which maintains a maximum of healthy substances.

The composition of canned Berkeley

As it should be in the predator's diet, the basis of canned Berkeley is the meat of lamb, rabbit, chicken, calf, turkey, game, venison. Its amount is 67%. Another 26-27% comes from natural broth, which makes this feed wet. 4% of the food is made up of useful cereals, which are a valuable source of energy. Berkeley in the feed is oatmeal, brown rice, barley. As the source of vegetable oil used the most useful - olive.

There are rations that include cheese. Berkley feeds also have fortified ingredients from natural products: oatmeal, apple, carrot, or rice. Vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, D, B6, B12, calcium pantothenate, nicotinic and folic acid, biotin, iodine, selenium, zinc and manganese sulfates are added to the feed.

Berkeley has quite a few varieties of rations for dogs with very different tastes and preferences. Changing different rations is easy to provide your pet with a varied diet. Berkeley produces not only food for adult dogs, but also puppies. Special ingredients and vitamins have been added to puppy nutrition that can supply the growing body with everything needed.

Wet food Berkeley is available in banks of 200 and 400 grams, which is convenient for one-time feeding of dogs of medium and large breeds. A small dog or puppy can have one jar divided into several portions.



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