The attack of dogs on people. How to behave when attacking dogs

Dogs from time immemorial were considered the most faithful and faithful companions of man. But sometimes it happens that these kind, wonderful creatures can become a threat to us.

The information below may seem somewhat stiff. But the dogs' attack on humans is increasing, and often with very serious consequences.. And if suddenly someday, no matter for what reason, you come across a dog aggression, you will know how to behave ...

Dogs are gregarious animals with a clear hierarchical structure inside the pack. There is a leader, and there are subordinates. Any disobedience is fast and severely punished. Therefore, in a controversial situation, the dog seeks to take the place of the leader, if there is even the slightest chance to do so.

Even if there is a person in front of her, from whom, as she seemed to, it is necessary to defend his rights to a toy, to the territory, to "a place in the sun" ... (A person’s behavior can provoke a dog: abrupt threatening movements, look in emphasis and even a pungent smell.)

Try with all your might to avoid attacking the dog. Do not approach, and especially do not reach with your hands or some objects to someone else's dog! Do not play, do not touch and do not feed without permission of the owner!

If the dog is set to attack ...

Each dog, depending on the situation, expresses aggression differently. But there are basic typical manifestations that a person should know about in order to be ready for them:

  • growl, grin;
  • threatening pose, watchful look;
  • jump, attack the enemy and biting;
  • overturning the enemy, followed by biting.
  1. It is psychologically difficult for many people to oppose the attacking dog. And often the first reaction in a person flashes: "Turn around and run!". This is exactly what you can never do! It is useless: the dog runs 5 times faster than a man. An exception is the case when there is a guaranteed-but quickly to be out of the dog's reach: quickly climb a branchy tree, climb the vertical ladder, enter the water to the waist (in water, the dog is usually defenseless in itself).
  2. When there is no opportunity to leave, and the dog has just started to show aggression, not attacking, you need to try to “neutralize” its aggression. It is important to restraint and tranquility. Maximum self-control. No adrenaline - dogs feel it and are excited. Mobilize all your psychological re-zervy and try not to pay attention to the dog. Show your calm and indifference towards her with all your appearance. Do not look, those in her eyes, do not turn in her direction. Do not make sudden movements, do not show fear. Watch your dog only with side vision: show that your life-ways with it do not intersect at all, you are busy with your own affairs. Then she will not assume that you are encroaching on her territory, her place in the flock, her prey, etc. By the way, when a dog attacks with barking, the danger is usually not great. Most likely, it just scares you, driving away from the territory where you are. But still, be on the alert, as theoretically an attack may follow.
  3. When the dog's aggression is obvious, prepare to defend. Try defending yourself, scare the animal. First of all, believe in your strength. You are still a person, and however clever a dog is, but you are still smarter and will find the way to protect yourself. Assess the power of the dog and the opportunities available at hand. We always have some things with us: an umbrella, a handbag, B-garets, a lighter, shoes, finally! And how much can you find "useful items" around you: a stick, a stone, sand ...

Everything can come in handy. The main thing is to act quickly, outside the box, illogical for the dog. As they say in England, "no matter what you have, it is important how effectively you use it."

Examples from life: the dog can be frightened away by playing the mouth organ or whistle loudly (switch attention), if you throw something to the side (distract), stand on all fours (confuse), use powder (almost like a gas spray), lit a fire with fire (the fear of the "red flower" works, as in the fairy tale about Mowgli).

Try not to swing your hands or objects: do not fuss. Expose the "shield" in front of you, "close" it from the co-packs. It is not necessary to act as an umbrella, like a dubbinka, it is not effective. Umbrella works much better as a shield. Open and close it - the dog does not understand the essence of things. For her, and the newspaper - an insurmountable obstacle, if she does not see the goal. And the suddenly changing geometrical dimensions of the victim simply confuse her. So, in the absence of an umbrella, a stretched jacket (cloak, jacket, scarf) can become a psychological wall between you and the dog.

Never shout aimlessly frightened voice-som - this is the cry of the victim. If you really shout, then surely, in order to scare the dog away from you. Do not know what to do - sing!

Keep in mind that dogs are practically not affected by various nerve gases from cans. On the other hand, pepper gases give a distinct effect. Or just pepper. The dog, getting into the pepper cloud, is quickly disoriented. And if you

if you manage to hit the nostrils (or, in extreme cases, in the eyes), the war ends immediately. Similarly, acts and tobacco.

In the case when it is not possible to avoid conflict with an animal, prepare for the necessary protection.

How to behave directly when attacking a dog?

If there is no dog owner nearby that can come to your aid, and the danger is serious enough, do this: lean your back against the wall, the fence, so as not to fall and not to bite yourself. Take something out of your outerwear and place it in front of you in outstretched hands. Dog instinctively, it will grab and pull over. Hold tight! If the dog can pull the clothes out of your hands, use other available tools. Draw time. Try to do without striking the soba-ke: if you do it ineptly, the blows only make her angry.

Throwing a dog with stones and sand is the easiest way to avoid a contact fight with her.

If the dog pounces on you with open mouth, it is possible even to use a comb: having set it in front of you, it is purposeful to insert it with your hand into the mouth vertically between the upper and lower jaws. So the dog will not be able to close its mouth and will be drawn away from you to its new problem.

If, nevertheless, you are in a hopeless situation and you have to strike, then it is better to strike him in a vulnerable spot. The dog is not a lot of vulnerabilities, but they are. And if you know them, you can quickly neutralize any dog:

  1. nose tip (painful area, a dog may even die from a very strong blow);
  2. peritoneum and inguinal region (muscles are poorly adapted to withstanding beats, gaps are possible),
  3. spine (middle of the back)

Blows are unusual for dogs, like bites for humans..

- It is better to strike with a fist or foot in the indicated pain points. The blow must be strong and accurate. The dog must be at least stunned or discarded.

- You have to be morally stronger than a dog, to feel like a master of the situation. Your ideology should be "I will do with you everything that I want, and you with me only that I will give you."

Of course, the recommendations given here are useful only for protection against untrained dogs. To combat determined professional dogs, special training and real weapons are needed. But your most likely four-legged opponent is exactly the ill-bred animal. So if you take advantage of our advice, the chances of success in your fight are high. The main thing, as in all other cases of life, not to lose composure.

And the last. Any fact that a dog is attacking a person (either alone or in a host) is an emergency. In no case should not leave such incidents without attention. Even if the owner claims that you are teasing his dog - the dog in a public place must be on a leash and in a muzzle

Thank you for the consultation of the instructor-cynologist, breeder Nemetsich shepherd Andrei Shklyaev



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