Dog food 5 (five) stars - Russian food of European quality

Dog food 5 stars premium class produces a Russian company Provimi (Klin). The concept of feed is expressed in his slogan: "Everything is included and nothing superfluous." In this formula, the manufacturer has concluded the idea that this food contains all the ingredients necessary for healthy nutrition of the dog.

At the same time, as part of the feed there are no harmful and unnecessary components that can not only harm the health of the pet, but also make it capricious and choosy in food. The first product line for dogs "5 stars" takes into account the characteristics of various breeds: small, medium and large.

The composition of dog food 5 stars

The composition of the feed includes crushed wheat grain, subjected to steam treatment; chicken and meat meal as a source of animal protein; animal fat; the source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids is corn oil; beet pulp; extract of easily digestible vegetable protein; Brewer's yeast; egg powder and a balanced complex of minerals and vitamins.

Dog food 5 stars does not contain dyes, artificial additives, flavors, GMOs and soy components.

In the diet, specially developed for dogs of small breeds, the features of the structure of their jaws are taken into account, so the croquettes are made small for the convenience of chewing. Since small dogs are prone to indigestion, as part of the feed and it is provided. Added components to help the animal better absorb the product.

The ration for dogs of medium breeds provides the optimal amount of calcium and phosphorus in order to strengthen bone tissue.

For large breeds, the diet was developed taking into account the peculiarities of their musculoskeletal system. For the health of joints and ligaments such substances as glucosamine and chondroitin are added to the feed. Also in this diet provides the amino acid L-carnitine, which helps break down excess fat during active walks.

The production of dog food five stars

Dry food "5 stars of the menu" produced in Russia at the modern plant of the international holding Provimi. This holding has been the world leader in the production of vitamin-protein-mineral supplements, premixes, feed for domestic and farm animals for two decades.

The plant has an American extrusion line manufactured by Wenger, which allows the production of super premium grade dry food.

In the production of feed is used not only Russian, but also imported raw materials that do not contain unhealthy animals and genetically modified products.

Food is packaged in containers of 2.5, 3, 7 and 13 kg. To preserve the freshness of the product and all its dietary properties, a three-layer sealed package of polyethylene and metallized lavsan is used.



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