What distinguishes wet dog food from other foods?

Wet dog food is canned food, in which 75% of the basic composition is moisture. Such feeds are very high in calories, because they contain a lot of fat, are well digested, and have high taste qualities. Therefore, they are much higher dry.

The production of most wet feeds is similar to dry feeds. The product is also formed and mixed. Only the extruder is set to a lower pressure and temperature. That is, the product is not dried, but, on the contrary, special substances are added to it that support the desired moisture and water. Then the feed enters the cooling chamber, where its structure is formed. So the feed becomes wet and porous. The shape of the product can be in the form of minced meat or in the form of cubes.

Features wet dog food

  • Most wet foods contain high levels of meat and offal. To it add soy, mixtures with vitamins and useful minerals, sometimes cereals. Combining all the components, they are thoroughly mixed in a special mixer with increasing temperature, so that the starch turns into jelly, and the protein changes its properties, improving the flavor and structure. After this, the canning process begins.
  • Most dog food manufacturers offer both dry and wet rations. Animal nutrition experts assure that it is equally rational to feed animals with both dry and wet food. But in practice, some pets completely refuse to dry food.
  • However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that not every wet dog food is suitable for daily feeding of an animal. Canned food are divided into the usual diet and delicacy. Normal in its composition more complete. Meat gourmet food often includes offal and extruded soybeans, which are given a brown color, similar to liver or meat with the help of dyes.
  • The main purpose of this feed is its attractive taste and often dogs develop a strong addiction to it. But the delicacy food is not designed for constant nutrition, it often breaks the balance of minerals and not enough nutrients. With constant feeding of such canned food in dogs, skeletal diseases are often observed.

The most popular manufacturers of wet dog food

From quality wet food a variety of proposed manufacturers Purina Pro Plan, Eukanuba, Happy Dog. In their rations, you can pick up the diet of the most capricious pet, lover of chicken, turkey, veal, lamb meat, or even horse meat.

Manufacturer Hills also produces not only meat but also canned fish everyday. The company Arden Grange produces hyperallergenic wet food, in which there are no preservatives and dyes. Brand Royal Canin produces a special canned food for dogs with renal insufficiency.



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