Wolfsblut dog food (wolf blood) - food as close as possible to natural

Wolfsblut is a super premium dog food. The name of the feed translates as "wolf blood" and in its composition the ingredients included in the diet of wolves are really collected. After all, dogs, though domesticated, but still wolves.

Their digestion and eating habits are largely the same. Their analysis has allowed to create food as close as possible to the natural nutrition of the animal. High requirements to the quality of raw materials and its modern careful processing allow producing dog food for animals with allergic reactions and digestive problems.

The composition of dog food Wolfsblut (wolf blood)

  • The basis of Wolfsblut dog food for carnivores is high-quality meat. The feed manufacturer purchases products where it is difficult to question their quality. So lamb is imported from from New Zealand; the game is from Australia. These countries are known for meeting the highest quality standards and are leading in the production of meat in environmentally friendly conditions. Sea fish for feed is taken from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
  • To support the immune system, the roots, medicinal forest herbs and berries, which have traditionally been part of the diet of wolves, are included in the diet. Additionally, Wolfsblut dog food (wolf blood) is enriched with taurine, which supports the functioning of the circulatory system and the heart.
  • Since soybeans, wheat, corn, bran, barley, oats, sugar beet pulp, vegetable oil and trans fats have never been included in the diet of wolves, they are not present in Wolfsblut as well. These cheap fillers can be a source of serious dog health problems. The composition of the feed does not contain chemical dyes, preservatives and flavors, synthetic vitamins.

Wolfsblut dog food types

In the line of dog food Wolfsblut at the moment are ten menus. The recipe for “BLUE MOUNTAIN” is rabbit and deer meat, enriched with vitamins of forest herbs and berries.

The menu “GREEN VALLY” consists of lamb and salmon with forest herbs and sea buckthorn. In “WILD DUCK” wild duck meat, whose dietary properties improve digestion. The “DARK FOREST” ration is based on deer meat, horse meat “WIDE PLAIN”, and “LAMB RANGE” is based on lamb with wild rice.

Allergy-prone dogs are recommended to feed “WILD PACIFIC”, in which the main product is ocean fish meat. The same properties have the feed “ALASKA SAIMON” based on salmon and “COLD RIVER”.

The new Range Lamb Puppy menu with lamb meat contains an increased dose of protein and is designed for the growing puppy body.



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