Stopping the ears of dogs: important points

What you need to know when cupping ears in dogs? Today, dog breeding in our country and in the world has gained tremendous popularity.

Dogs are represented by a very large variety of breeds, among which the owner can choose for himself just such a dog which, in his understanding, is most suitable for his home, family, and everyday life.

Among the masses of rocks, there are those that are usually given a certain shape to the auricle, i.e. apply operational measures in order to change the natural appearance of the dog's ears. Immediately it should be noted that this operation is applicable only to some breeds, for example, pit bull terriers, Great Danes, Boxers and others are exposed to it. Do this operation and injuries of the auricle, i.e. already for medical reasons.

What should I look for when mothing dogs?

  • The first is the timing. In principle, the operation can be performed in the first week of puppy life, but preferably at 4-6 weeks of life (for large breeds, this time may slightly increase to 6-12 weeks). At too early age it is difficult to visually determine the size and proportions of the puppy and the area to be stopped, in addition, it is desirable to have at least the first vaccination. Tightening with the timing is also not desirable, since changes are possible on the part of the cartilage, and the auricle itself will eventually take on a slightly different form, from the intended one.
  • The second thing you need to pay attention to is the postoperative period. The dog may injure itself, so it is necessary for the animal to wear a special collar that prevents self-injury. If the "standing" shape of the ears is supposed, at this time special frameworks are used or glued them.
  • The third is the state of the edges of the wound, the seam. At the first suspicion of atypical healing - you should contact your veterinarian. This is important because may affect the shape of the auricle.
  • It is also necessary to trace how the seams are applied. They should not affect the cartilage, and be only skin (on the skin of the stump), otherwise deformation of the auricle is possible, which is not very beautiful in the future.
  • Seams are observed daily and removed, usually for 7-10 days. After removing the stitches, for some time it is still worth watching the dog, because after removing the stitches in an animal, itching, inflammation and other signs of anxiety are possible.

And finally, these days, dogging ears in dogs is carried out both at home and in a veterinary clinic. More reliably and safely, this intervention should be carried out in the veterinary office in order to exclude complications that may arise both during the operation (promptly and fully respond to the complication), and after it.

Stop the dog's ears or not?


In the Roman Empire, dogs were cut off tails to prevent rabies. And hunting dogs are stopping tails and ears to reduce injuries during baiting or fighting wolves and other wild animals ... But why do it now, when it has long been proven that arrest does not prevent diseases? And why do those dogs that do not take part in the hunt operate?

Many breeders believe that dogs look more noble if they stop their ears and tail. Such an amputation tailors their appearance to breed standards that have been established over the centuries.

No less popular is the explanation that the cupping of the ears is otitis prophylaxis, however, the results of studies call this argument into question.


Scientists have found that the docked pet lags behind in development, because it was partially deprived of the main ways of communicating with individuals of its own species: in the dog world, the tail and ears perform important communicative functions and act as an indicator of emotions ...

In many European countries, the cupping of ears in dogs is prohibited by law. An exception is made only in cases where this operation is prescribed by a veterinarian. In Russia, cupping is still allowed, but the international attitude to this procedure is already affecting our breeders, especially those who are planning a foreign show career for their pet.

The number of operations every year is steadily decreasing. In many clinics, veterinarians are already accepting a request for stopping with surprise and try to dissuade the owner. Indeed, according to experts, there is no medical need for the procedure. The main reason for which the owners go to this step is that in their opinion the dog looks more majestic and solid.

But this, in our opinion, is a deep-rooted stereotype. After all, in foreign countries where docking is not allowed for a long time, for example, in England, on the contrary, docked dogs in dogs are no longer considered aesthetic. So majestically or not - this is just a matter of habit and established views.

Procedure cost

The price of cupping ears in dogs. If you contact specialized organizations, you will be given two prices: the cost of the operation at the veterinary clinic and the price of the service when you leave the specialist for the house. In the first case, the price will be within 500 - 600 rubles. With the second option, the service will be more expensive for 300 - 1000 rubles.



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