Most popular dog food manufacturers

The leading players in the Russian dog food market are multinational companies: Nestle Purina, Mars, Royal Canin, Aller Petfood.

Foreign dog food manufacturers dominate the market, but in recent years, Russian dog breeders have increasingly been buying domestic-made food.

The most popular among Russian dog breeders is the products of the company Mars-Royal Canin (brand of food Chappi, Pedigree, Royal Canin).

The company "Royal Canin" (translated as "royally for dogs") was founded in France in 1967. It was founded by a veterinarian concerned with skin diseases of dogs. In the 80s of the 20th century, feed companies were already popular throughout Europe, and especially among breeders. The company begins to buy factories around the world. In 2002, Royal Canin was bought by Mars, but it maintains its own structure and operates independently in the market. Brand Royal Canin - sets the standards of the global pet food market, which many manufacturers of similar products are trying to emulate.

Mars has been producing ready-made rations for pets since 1934. A company appeared in the US, but now its research center is located in the UK, biologists, where veterinarians, biophysicists and biochemists explore the nutritional needs and physiology of domestic animals. Not so long ago, the company changed the composition of the feed Pedigree. Now it is based on premium grade chicken meat, other key ingredients have also been improved. In this regard, the price of food has risen, but its consumption levels have decreased.

What other manufacturers of dog food are widely represented on the Russian market?

Also in Russia popular dog food from the company Nestle-Purina (food Pro-Plan, Darling). Nestle S.A. completed the takeover of Ralston Purina in 2001. Ralston Purina’s 70 years of experience in feeding pets continues to produce top quality feeds. They use low molecular weight proteins for the first time to prevent food allergies in dogs; triglycerides that alleviate the symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders; high proportions of proteins.

Also the world's leading manufacturers of elite dog food are Iams (Eukanuba), Hill's Pet Nutrition (USA), Spillers (Suprium and Senior feed), Edward Baker (Elite ")," Pet Club "(feed" Regular "," Puppy "," Perfomance "), as well as J.Wellbeloved.

These companies are followed by Mervo Products and the Russian company Raritet, whose food "Trapeza" is becoming increasingly popular among Russian dog breeders.



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