Grandorf dog food - food for adult animals and puppies

Dog Food Grandorf (Grandorf) produces the same company, founded in France more than half a century ago. Since its inception, it has focused on the production of high-quality feed and today owns six large factories.


Grandorf dry food is a super premium hypoallergenic food class.

The composition of the food for dogs Grandorf

The basis of the feed contains up to 57% of high-quality hypoallergenic meat of lamb, calf, rabbit or salmon. All the ingredients of the feed are absolutely natural. In order to avoid food allergies in dogs with a sensitive food system, wheat, corn, beet pulp, chicken and chicken fat, offal, soy, artificial fillers, as well as salt, sugar, flavors, dyes and GMOs are not used in the manufacture of food.

The source of carbohydrates and fiber in the diet are whole white rice and barley, in which, thanks to processing, 80% of vitamins and minerals are saved. Sweet potatoes are used as a dietary source of carbohydrates, containing valuable trace elements. Whole egg is a source of easily digestible protein.

Dried apple and spinach stabilize the digestion of food and stimulate the bowels. The condition of the skin, claws and wool supports flaxseed, brewer's yeast improves metabolism, increases stress resistance.

Useful herbs have been added to the Grandorf dog food: rosemary, chicory, cranberry extracts and Yukka Schidiger which contain vital substances and improve digestion.

A source of natural vitamin E and rosemary is used as natural preservatives.

Grandorf feed rations

Dry dog ​​food Grandorf (Grandorf) provides several types of rations, which are designed for different ages and sizes of dogs. Foods for puppies, juniors, as well as pregnant and lactating females are distinguished by a high content of hypoallergenic and dietary meat of lamb and turkey, vitamins and a set of herbs that provide kids with healthy growth and development.

For dogs of medium and large breeds, Grandorf offers two rations. At the heart of one is a mixture of lamb and turkey meat with rice for dogs prone to allergies to proteins. Another diet is based on omega-3 rich salmon meat and lean turkey meat with rice.

The sizes of pieces of food intended for different ages and sizes of dogs also differ. So in the feed for puppies they do not exceed 0.5 cm, for medium breeds - 1 cm, and for large breeds - 1.5 cm. This helps the dog to comfortably crush dry food, at the same time training the muscles of the jaws and cleaning the teeth.



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