Lost dog: what you need to do

When the dog is lost, the most important thing is to start the search immediately. Even a small delay can significantly complicate the search for a lost dog.

And even if you use a micro chip, and this gives you confidence that the dog will be found, do not rely only on the chip, do not sit idle.

The dog is lost. Organize searches

First, carefully inspect the entire surrounding area. If you live in a private house, search the basements, cellars, garages, sheds, and even ventilation grids and drainpipes.

Maybe the dog is stuck somewhere and just can't get out. Small dogs, when they are scared or injured, may not respond and hide, even if they hear you well. It is important to check every possible shelter where a dog can hide, inspect every square centimeter of your property. Be sure to bring a flashlight!

Talk to your neighbors and ask them for permission to search their territory. Then start searching. When you are looking for, call the dog by name (you can also take your pet's favorite toy with you and squeeze it so that the toy makes a distinctive sound). Take a photo of your dog with you and ask if as many people as possible can they see it. Especially take time to grandmothers, who spend long hours sitting on benches near the entrances, as well as to children who play a lot in the yard.

Announcements about missing dogs really work!

Ads and flyers have the highest rating in helping owners find their pets compared to other methods. Your ad or leaflet should contain a clear photo of your dog and your contact phone number. Hang them everywhere in a radius of 2 kilometers. Especially pay attention to intersections, as well as the most crowded places: shops, cafes, post office, etc. In the ad, promise reward to the finder. However, do not specify the amount of remuneration and your address, so as not to reveal yourself to fraudsters and other criminal elements.

Also place ads in newspapers. Some of them have headings about the found animals. Review them carefully. Look for local online resources that host such ads.

Work with your phone

Find a telephone directory and call all nearest veterinary clinics. If your dog was injured or hit by a car, it may have gotten there. And if the description of the dog even vaguely resembles yours, immediately go there to make sure.

Personally visit shelters for homeless animals.

Do it daily - do not rely on the fact that the staff of these institutions will certainly contact you, even if your dog has a microchip or an identifier with your contact information. And do not rely on the phone in this situation. Sometimes information about new animals does not reach the shelter operator.

If there are several such establishments in your place of residence, it makes sense for you to have one more person with whom you could split up to go to two different places at the same time. Bring your flyers with photos of your dog and your phone number.

Arrange with the staff of the shelters so that as soon as something becomes known about your dog, they would immediately contact you. Ask them for how many days they keep animals before auto-nazi or before giving them away to new owners.

Help the dog find you

Dogs can catch the familiar smell by being far away from him. Therefore, if your dog gets lost, it will help you find the next event: put smell markers around your house. These can be parts of your clothes (ideal is your sweaty sports uniform), parts of a dog’s sleeping place, a favorite toy, etc.

Do not be too trusting

Unfortunately in our world there are enough people who are not clean at hand, for whom the grief of others is the possibility of any kind of fraud. If someone calls you and says that he has found your dog, check with those details about the appearance of your dog that are unknown to others. Never go to unfamiliar apartments and do not let anyone in your. Meet in public places and preferably always take a friend with you.

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