What clothes need dwarf pincher

Miniature Pinscher, also known as Tsvergpinscher, is a small but very active sports dog. His height does not exceed 30 cm and, in spite of the fact that he belongs to the apartment dogs, he feels great in nature, in the country, outside the city.

However, it is a smooth-haired breed and therefore in the conditions of a harsh climate, especially in winter, it needs clothes.

What clothes need a dwarf pincher

Such an active dog is not quite a manual format, first of all, we need clothes that do not hinder movement. Ideally, a suit for a harsh winter suit. When choosing it, you should pay attention to the fact that for girls and boys they may differ. "Girl" overalls are closed on the stomach, and "boy" is more open.

In severe winter, the dog also needs a hat, which will protect the head from hypothermia.

Dwarf pincher clothes are needed not only to protect against frost. A cold autumn or spring rain can wet the dog's coat and she will catch a cold. Yes, and in a not very cold time, the dog can stain wool, and the dwarf pinscher does not need frequent bathing. Any unauthorized bathing involves the complete drying of the dog in a warm room without drafts. Such conditions are not always easy to provide.

During the off-season or when the house is not warm enough and the desired temperature is not easy to provide, especially at the level of the floor where the dog resides, the miniature pinscher will also need home clothes.

It is best to choose a light knit jumpsuit or T-shirt, which will not hamper the movement of an active dog and will not interfere with its play.

Winter Shoes for Miniature Pinscher

Boots or boots are also absolutely necessary. Small paws freeze in the first place, even in not very hard frost. But they also need protection from other rather numerous dangers.

Under the freshly fallen snow, glass fragments and pieces of iron are not visible. The dog can also get hurt on a sharp ice crust and then will be forced to wear post-traumatic shoes for several weeks.

Dangers for dogs are the reagents that are sprinkled on city streets in winter, as well as engine oil and gasoline on the roadway.

All this can cause severe irritation of the delicate skin between the fingers of the tiny paws, and even poisoning, when the dog, feeling pain, begins to lick his paw. And the digestive system of dwarf pincher is very sensitive even to common salt, not to mention chemical reagents.

Therefore, in winter, these dogs need shoes, especially if the walk is not supposed to be in the woods or in the garden, but in the city.

Clothes for the karly pinscher on the way out

In addition to the necessary clothes for the preservation of health, the modern zoo-mode industry also offers a lot of things “on the way out”. The dwarf pinscher can be dressed quite glamorously and under the style of the hostess attire.

There is a large selection of evening dresses with rhinestones, dresses with trains and tails, silk kimonos and, of course, a wedding dress is presented in each collection of dog clothes. And at dog shows or special parties it is fashionable to wear a pet in fancy dress.



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