What to buy vitamins for dogs and puppies?

Vitamins for dogs and minerals that are necessary for the body of the animal are contained only in the dry food of the super premium class or holistic. When feeding an animal with other feeds, including natural food, an additional complex is needed.

This is especially true for some periods in the dog's life: pregnancy and puppy feeding, recovery from illness, the autumn-winter period and the tendency to certain diseases (joints, skin, etc.).

Among the wide variety of vitamins for dogs and supplements, there are several categories: for growing puppy organisms; for pregnant and lactating; for aging dogs; for joints; for wool; to strengthen bones; for the prevention and maintenance of immunity.

Often people think that only their bodies need vitamins.


To strengthen and develop the body, prevent diseases, you need vitamins and animals. Although dogs and cats love to eat foods from each other, their nutritional needs are very different. Of course, each of them will be able to survive after the exchange of food, but health problems will soon begin. Dog nutritional needs are more like human needs because they are omnivorous and not carnivorous, like cats. Dogs receive nutrients from animal and plant foods. The task of the owner is to provide the pet with enough vitamins and minerals.

What vitamins are necessary for dogs?

Vitamin A

Vitamin is needed for good vision and a strong immune system. Since this is a fat-soluble vitamin and is stored in the fat deposits of your dog, you must be careful not to overdose it.

Vitamin D

Important for strengthening the bones and muscles of the dog. It is fat soluble so be careful not to give your dog too much vitamin D.

Vitamin B1

Vitamins of group B are soluble in water, therefore surplus will come out with the dog's urine. Vitamin B1, or thiamine, is needed for high energy and carbohydrate metabolism.

Vitamin B6

The dog also needs vitamin B6 for healthy blood, nervous and immune systems. Deficiency can lead to weight loss, muscle cramps and anemia.

Vitamin B12

Along with other B vitamins such as niacin and riboflavin, vitamin B12 affects the function of enzymes. Loss of appetite, low white blood cell count and anemia can be a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency.

In addition to vitamins, puppies and adult dogs also need minerals:


All dogs need calcium. It is needed for strong bones and teeth, for blood clotting, plus a healthy nervous system. A lack of this mineral in your dog's diet can cause serious skeletal abnormalities.


Unusual mineral. Copper is essential for the proper formation of bone, tissue and cells. Loss of hair, pigmentation can mean that your puppy is not getting enough copper in your diet.


Thanks to the gland, the normal operation of the red blood cells occurs, which transport oxygen to the body. If your pet is lethargic and weak, then he does not get enough iron.


Your dog should receive a mineral for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland and proper metabolism. An enlarged thyroid, dry, sparse coat, and weight gain is a sign of iodine deficiency.


This mineral is important for maintaining healthy coat and skin. Due to a lack of zinc in the diet, weight loss, vomiting and skin damage can occur.

Manufacturers of vitamins for dogs, what is better to buy?

Canina pharma GmbH (Germany) uses only natural ingredients: plant extracts, seafood extracts, dried seaweed, yeast, high-value vegetable oils - cocoa butter and evening primrose. Specially developed mono-component additives that can be independently combined with each other.

Nutri-Vet (USA) in addition to traditional multivitamin has many specialized complexes, such as a combination of soothing ingredients that help the animal to avoid stress, "Bundles and Joints", including an enhanced complex for recovery after injuries. There are also such complexes as "Protection of wool", "Fresh breath", "Bladder control", "From eating excrement", "Elimination of lacrimal spots".

Complexes 8in1 (USA) provide separate vitamins for dogs of different ages and breeds.

Also such producers of vitamin complexes as Beaphar, Biofaktory (Czech Republic), ORLING are known.

How to choose vitamins for a dog?

What vitamins to give to dogs and which ones are the best? If the animal is sick or has a recovery period, the veterinarian will advise you on the vitamins. If the dog is healthy and you want to support its body, then the choice of vitamins should be determined by its age, as well as the breed (in fact - size). For example, chihuahua crumbs and other small breeds living in apartments are prone to obesity and they should not be given vitamin complexes that include fish oil. But for their delicate bones need calcium.

Large breed dogs need special support for joints, which are always overloaded with heavy weights.

Special vitamins for dog hair are especially needed by long-haired breeds.

Most people love dogs, they are faithful companions of people. Check that your dog receives proper and nutritious food. Make sure your friend has all the right vitamins and minerals to live a long, healthy, happy life.

However, if you think your dog needs vitamins, you should consult a veterinarian because their excess (hypervitaminosis) is more dangerous than their deficiency and its neglected forms can lead to the death of the animal.


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