Recommendations how to sew a jumpsuit for dogs

Overalls - the hardest to sew clothes for dogs, because it implies the presence of sleeves and pants. Often owners of dogs buy one day-overalls, but when rainy weather sets for a long time, the overalls that are washed after one walk do not have time to dry before the next one.

And you must have at least two, or even three. But not everyone can afford to buy it, goods for dogs are not as accessible as we would like. Therefore, you can try to sew a jumpsuit for dogs with their own hands.

On the Internet you can find a lot of patterns and master classes of self-manufacturing overalls for dogs of any breed.

How to sew a jumpsuit for a dog correctly?

  • As a rule, for tailoring overalls for a dog of medium size, you will need a soft fabric for the lining, preferably a flannel (with a width of 80 cm - 2 m), a raincoat fabric or a bolon for the top (with a width of 1.5 m - 1.2 m), lightning 40 cm , underwear gum - 50 cm and lace - 1 meter.
  • With the dog you need to remove the basic measurements that will be needed for sewing. This is the length of the back from the base of the skull to the root of the tail, the length of the paws from the spine itself, the girth of withers and chest in the widest places and the girth of the abdomen. Read more in the article: Clothing size for dogs. It should be remembered that in overalls a dog should be comfortable not only walking, but also running, sitting, scratching. Therefore, it should be quite spacious.
  • The inner flannel and outer mantle parts are cut out almost the same. A raincoat can be made more seam allowances.
  • Sewing technology involves a separate grinding of parts of the lining and the upper part. When they are individually ready, they are folded together in front of each other, they grind along the entire perimeter, leaving only space for the zipper. Through this hole, the jumpsuit is twisted and then zipper is sewn, which runs along the back, undoing from the dog's withers.
  • Sleeves and pants are trimmed with rubber bands, which are loosely attached to the paws. The neck and the hole in the back of the jumpsuit are treated with strips of fabric cut for facing. The cord is inserted into the neck so that its tightness can be easily adjusted.
  • If during the fitting it turns out that the jumpsuit is too big, it is better not to cut off the excess, but to lay folds on the back, the dog will feel more free.

It is important to remember that when you first try on a new dress on a dog, and the animal is stubborn, do not show irritation, but calmly and gently insist on your own. Praise a dressed animal, show how you like its appearance in clothes. In no case do not laugh, the animals do not like when they laugh at them. Attempts to undress the animal must be stopped, distracting the game or dainty. Dogs quickly get used to clothes, because dressing them nicely associated with a walk.



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