What you need to know about keeping dogs at home

You can take a dog with you not for any rest. It is problematic to carry them on the train, on the plane - it’s scary, only the toy terriers are allowed into the hotel. But to cancel the rest is also not the case. Yes, and leave the animal at home alone is not good, even if the good neighbors agree to walk and feed him. In this case, an excellent way out of the situation is to keep the dog at home.

What is dog overexposure at home?

Now there are many hotels for dogs, most of which represent a farmstead with enclosures, where animals are seated all around. This is not exactly a humane option. Home overexposure is more pleasant for a dog.

This service implies that a dog from your apartment temporarily moves to another. So she gets the same home care she's used to. She is fed, walking, combed out, and if desired, trained or corrected behavior.

It is acceptable if a person who is engaged in overexposure has his own dog. It is desirable that she was the opposite sex of your dog. They can be introduced in advance for a walk. As a rule, such dogs are habitual to guests and do not react aggressively.

If the person taking the dogs for overexposure is a professional canine, for an additional fee he can work out training or behavior correction, teach your puppy to elementary teams.

What to pay attention, giving the dog to overexposure at home

  • In the search for overexposure, you should not be tempted by the proposals of pensioners who are ready to walk and feed a dog or cat. It is better to look for perederzhku on the recommendations of familiar dog breeders, contact your own or any club. As a rule, members of the club are not averse to taking care of another dog, this is a usual thing for them.
  • Having come to the place of overexposure, it is worth examining where your dog will sleep. Is it spacious enough for her, are there a number of sources of drafts.
  • It is necessary to agree on nutrition. As a rule, people who are professionally engaged in overexposure are ready for any options. You can bring your favorite dry food or give extra money to it, or bring natural food that the dog is accustomed to and pay extra for its preparation.
  • We should also ask whether there are other animals in the overexposure. There are too greedy people who, trying to earn money, recruit a few dogs in an apartment. And if your animal does not have a special love for companies, reacts too aggressively or, on the contrary, is frightened, then you should not choose this place.
  • A dog company and a puppy are up to nothing, his body is still too weak and he can get some infection.
  • It is worth asking about the presence of a cat in the house, given the attitude of your dog to the cat.

When sending a dog "on vacation," take it over to a bowl and bedding, a favorite toy, so that she knows that she has not been abandoned and has missed the host so much.



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