How to teach a dog to a muzzle? Useful tips

How to accustom a dog to a muzzle and to dress it? It is no secret that many dogs can not tolerate a muzzle.

Some try to get rid of it in all possible ways: scream, whine, rub their faces on the ground, others humbly allow you to put on a hated object of ammunition, but they look like convicts doomed to life-long torment by fate.

And there are some individuals that, in response to attempts to put a muzzle on them, clearly demonstrate their white grin. And only a few dogs are indifferent to the fact that, at the request of a person, a kind of limiter of liberty appears on their jaws.

But, after all, we all love our pets and do not wish them evil at all. So how can we “explain” to our smaller brothers that a muzzle is not a terrorist act against their will, but a necessary attribute of “clothes” while in human society.

The basic rules in training dogs to muzzle

Success in this business is provided by two things:

  • First - this is the right choice of the muzzle. The best copies are those made of thick leather. They have sufficient elasticity, but at the same time retain their shape. Metal muzzles look spectacular, but in winter they cause great inconvenience. In addition, when hitting his head, it hurts from such a muzzle not only to the one who was hit, but also to the one who hit. Choose a muzzle necessarily size.
  • The secondWhat you need to do in order for your animal to love a muzzle is to associate its wearing with something very pleasant, such as a walk. How to do it? Go out only in a muzzle. If the dog tries to remove it, you can go to meet it and unfasten it, but at the same time immediately take the dog on a leash and return home. Stand there for about 3 minutes and, having ordered “to walk”, put on the muzzle again. Repeat the procedure several times.

You can do the following: work with the dog for a long time and persistently the main commands from the obedience course, and then release it for a long-awaited break in a muzzle.

  • But even before you decide for the first time to put a muzzle on a puppy (and it is easier to accustom to your youth), treat your little dog with particularly tasty pieces for several days, putting them right in this piece of ammunition.
  • When the puppy connects getting a treat with a muzzle, at one point, quickly put a blank muzzle on the baby and immediately give a tasty piece, and as soon as he eats this piece, immediately remove the muzzle.
  • Gradually increase the time between dressing a muzzle and giving a treat.

An older dog, in which some skill has already been honed and brought to automatism, is easier to teach the correct behavior in a muzzle, if you give a command (not conditional negative reinforcement, such as "foo"), for example, "near".

In this case, a well-trained dog knows that “near” means proudly stomping around the owner’s left foot and not paying attention to cats or muzzles of some kind.



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