Fashionable dogs. How dangerous is such a fashion?

Chihuahuas, Chinese Crested, Pomeranian Spitz, Yorkshire Terrier ... Secular lionesses and fashionable women do not part with their fashionable dogs for a minute, dress them up for publication and buy them expensive jewelry.

The first was not Paris, who else among the stars have fashionable dogs?

Small fashionable dog breeds gained popularity thousands of years ago. Pekingese was a pet of the Chinese emperors, and they called shih-tzu "the lion dogs of the Buddha."

The Maltese lapdogs were the favorite dogs of the fateful queen Cleopatra, and Catherine the 2nd tried never to part with her Italian greyhound.

From the 17th century, secular lionesses often appeared at receptions with dogs under their arms. Then similar appearances with pets were manifestations of love, and not a tribute to changeable fashion.

In the 20th century with the development of cinema and glamor appeared. People in all imitated their idols, which they saw on the screen: in clothes, in make-up and even in love for miniature animals.

The first actress who appeared everywhere with her Yorkshire terrier was the style icon - the charming Audrey Hepburn. Her pet's name was Celebrity, and he became Audrey's constant companion at secular parties, receptions and even on the red carpet.

After the photographs of Audrey with Faimos appeared in glossy magazines, many fashionable women decided to acquire such an "accessory"

Ten years ago, after the release of the film "Legally Blonde" on the screens, the interest in "pocket-sized" dogs returned. Pet El Woods, the heroine Reese Witherspoon, the Chihuahua Giant won the hearts of the audience.

But the little dogs became really fashionable thanks to Hollywood’s most glamorous diva, Paris Hilton, who began to regularly “go out” with one of her seventeen dogs - Tinker Bell Chihuahua, dressed in fancy clothes and jewelery.

Paris often wore Ding-Ding in a bag, which seemed to fashionable women to be an incredibly stylish and convenient way to not part with their favorites. Dogs, "like Paris" brought many wealthy girls, including celebrities. So, dwarf pets now look out of the bags of Britney Spears, Halari Duff, Madonna, Demi Moore, Nicole Ricci and other world stars.

By the way, Greenpeace criticizes Paris and its followers - the fashion for tiny pets led to the fact that hundreds of dwarf "losses" appeared on the streets of American towns. The fact is that glamorous hostesses often forget their pets in public places, or, having "played enough", simply throw away the annoying dogs. The authorities are even planning to pass a law that prohibits people under the age of majority from raising animals. After all, a pet is a responsibility.

Is this a beautiful life?

It seems that miniature dogs, which quickly became an attribute of luxury and beautiful life, should rejoice at such attention: a rare pet can boast that the mistress constantly carries him in her arms and even lets them in her holy saints - her own bag!

Not to mention the brilliantly stoned collars and designer clothes that invariably adorn a glamorous kid. But are these "pocket" dogs so happy? ...

The most serious test for kids is bags. If the mistress carries her pet in her arms - it is not scary. But when she puts an animal in a bag - the same place where she puts cosmetics, a bottle of perfume, books, notebooks, a nail file ...

Unfortunately for glamorous ladies, the special animal carriers are not as beautiful as the designer accessories. Therefore, not wanting to sacrifice the unity of their image, women of fashion blithely forget about the safety of their tiny pets, who in a crowded bag that is not meant for a dog can be hurt or, worse, cripple ...

In addition, in our country there are not so many places where they are allowed with animals, therefore some "caring" hostesses hide dogs in buttoned handbags. Right
Unless diamond collars, clothes, beauty salons for dogs and other honors with which the mistresses of small dogs indulge their pets, can pay for it or not, you can decide for yourself - after you imagine that you are locked in a stuffy bag, your side rests a bottle of perfume, and you can't even turn around to get comfortable in this "glamorous prison" comfortably.

Yes, and I want to use the toilet, but upbringing does not allow! In addition, you are constantly afraid that someone will accidentally sit on a bag or step on it, not knowing about the existence of a "valuable cargo" ...

a few hours of such torment? Hardly. Therefore, if it is necessary to take a pet with you, the hostess is obliged to put the baby in a special bag, in which there will be nothing but the dog. Fortunately, it is now possible to choose such a pet for any size, any breed.

Home - from the word "house"

Many girls take their pets with them to the cinema, night clubs and restaurants. But if they are ready to rest until dawn, this does not mean that their dog wants the same.

Also, we must not forget that miniature dogs have a very delicate ear, which can be damaged by a loud sound, such as in movies and discos. That is why in a specialized Swedish cinema for dogs the sound is much quieter than in similar establishments for people.

So before taking a chihuahua or yorkie to a party, you need to remember that this is a pet, not a secular. Do not be afraid to leave the dog alone - your little pet will find something to do. And this business will be much more useful and more interesting than studying the contents of your bag.

If the baby, in your opinion, should complement your stylish look, buy yourself a bag in the form of a pet - the designers have kindly developed fluffy accessories for women of fashion that you should not take care of!

Photos of fashionable dogs

Periodically abroad shows are held for dogs. See photos from one of these events:



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