How to clean the ears of a dog? Useful tips and tricks

Dog ears should be cleaned regularly - about once a week. This will allow it to avoid various infections: otitis, ear mite, which often become chronic and need long-term treatment. Cleaning the dog's ears is the best prevention of such troubles.

In pet stores offer special lotions for cleaning the ears. It is instilled into the ear canal and the ear is massaged a little. After the excess lotion is removed with a soft swab on a cotton swab. You do not need to remove the lotion deeply, but simply wipe your ears from the inside. The dog itself will get rid of excess fluid in his ears when he shakes his head.

There are other ways to clean the dog's ears. They are based on the use of other liquids. For example, holistic veterinarian Dr. Hershman suggests pre-moistening his ear with green tea. It is brewed as for drinking and cooled to room temperature. Green tea has antibacterial and acidifying properties.

How to brush your dog's ears with tea?

  • Tea does not need to be poured into the ear of a pet. A cotton swab is dipped into it and the ear is rubbed with it. To do this, a cotton ball should be lowered into the ear behind the trestle (horizontal protrusion inside the auricle) and move up to the outer part of the ear.
  • If the dog's ear is large, then a dry wax should be removed on them with dry tampons.
  • After that, a cotton swab dipped in tea should be slowly introduced into the vertical ear canal until it stops. Then you need to move the wand a little, rubbing the walls of the vertical channel.
  • The procedure should be repeated several times, constantly replacing cotton buds.
  • Just do not push the sticks into the ear canal with force, the dog will be sick and there is a danger of damaging the middle ear.

In small dog breeds, the ear canal is quite narrow and can not be cleaned with cotton buds, you can only achieve the opposite - seal the sulfur plug. Cotton swabs can be cleaned only the ear itself, removing the sulfur from the convolutions in the outer shell.

If the snake smells unpleasant, it is better to rinse them with warm water using a pear or syringe without a needle. But it is better to wash your ears with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, pouring a teaspoon of solution into each ear. And after she shook her head, wipe her ears dry.

How to clean the dog's ears using sea salt and herbal infusions?

  • You can also wash the dog's ears by dissolving a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water. You can add a teaspoon of calendula tincture to this solution.
  • You can also make herbal infusion. The best choice in this case would be calendula, Althea root, chamomile, mullein grass, lavender.
  • You can get rid of ticks in the ear by putting simple soothing oils in the ear canal - every three days for 4-6 weeks.
  • During the procedures, the dog should be talked affectionately and calmly, praise her for obedience, and at the end, reward her with a delicacy and let her go with the command "walk".
  • If the dog does not want to give you an ear for cleaning or whining when you take it, you can drip the ear with boric alcohol. But this can be done only if there is no damage and open wounds.

But if the dog is clearly suffering from pain, presses and shakes his ears, then you should seek help from a veterinarian.



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