Why does the dog howl, whines, growls, barks, sniffs?

All owners of their pets should understand what the signals of their pets mean.

Dogs are well versed in the fact that the owners require them. You said the command "To me!" - and the dog runs towards you, wagging his tail with joy, commanded: "Near!" and the faithful pet immediately pressed against your leg, asked: "Give me your paw!" - he immediately pulls her to you. Is it not time for us, the owners, to understand the simple dog language? After all, the pet so wants to be heard!

Why is the dog whining?

This sound is not difficult to understand: as a rule, the dog whines when it needs something. Perhaps she wants to eat, wants to walk, or there is no drink in the bowl. Much less often this sound means when something hurts the dog.

Why does the dog howl?

This is a signal that the dog is very sad. Such unpleasant feeling is caused in dogs by lingering loneliness, harsh and loud music, howling of sirens or clucking of a chicken ...

Therefore, if you do not want to drive your dog into depression, make the music quieter and try not to give him a reason to be bored without a master.

Why does a dog growl?

Most often this sound is a warning. Thus, the dog shows that he is not afraid of his enemy and is ready to give him a fight if he does not stop threatening her or encroaching on her territory.

However, some dogs roar during games with the owner: notice that no matter how much you are angry and teasing your pet, the animal growls, but it does not bite painfully, but just plays the fool. However, watch out for dog intonation: an attentive person will not miss a moment when carefree tomfoolery suddenly turns into a serious fight.

Why does the dog bark?

As a rule, in this way the dog warns you about the danger or scares off those whom it considers to be potential enemies. However, barking is a great way to attract the attention of the owner, which many dogs successfully use. This signal is the only one that the dog issues on command.

Sniffs or grunts

Do not worry: the dog does not portray a pig, but simply rejoices. If the pet is running towards you and grunts, you can be sure: he doesn’t love your soul and

happy you came.

Acting or emotion

Note that especially intelligent dogs can imitate some sounds. For example, initially your dog whines, only when he had something hurt. But over time, he realized that this sound attracted your attention, so he began to publish it every time you hear the alarming sounds, look at the dog. They ate her ears, and her nose was hot - you need to take her to the vet.

If the pet is alert and lures you to the empty bowl, take the trouble to fill it with food, otherwise the dog will not stop making an annoying sound: the question of eating with four-legged friends is in the first place.

If a pet howls often and protractedly, you need to think about its mental health. The dog is depressed, something bothers her. In this case, it is better to contact a zoopsychologist.

Full understanding

As you can see, doggy language is pretty simple. Moreover, usually the dog goes to great lengths to show the person what he needs: he takes eloquent poses, sticks out his tongue, takes the host, for example, to the refrigerator.

Now you know which pet signals reflect negative emotions and which ones reflect positive ones. Therefore, it will be quite easy for you to see that the dog howls less often, growls, whines and grunts more often with pleasure!



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