Dachshund clothes

Taksa, like a short-haired dog, cannot do without clothes in the harsh winters of the Russian climate. Probably the simplest thing you can wear a dachshund is a sweater. And you can make it pretty easily with your own hands.

First, those who know how to knit, easily cope with this task. And do not even have to separately buy yarn. Much more fun and economical to use the remnants of yarn from other things. And the more colorful it will be, the brighter and more noticeable your dachshund will be.

Dachshund do-it-yourself clothing

The main thing is to take three main measurements from the dog: chest girth (in the widest place), chest girth in the place where the sweater will start (somewhere at the level of the collarbone). And the girth of the abdomen in the place where the sweater will end. It should be borne in mind that the girl can make a sweater longer - right at the very pelvis, and the boy needs to be shorter - up to the "waist." How to

You also need to measure the length of the product along the back and stomach and the location of the front paws, where you have to tie holes. Since the dachshund has short legs, it is better not to tie her sleeves, they will get too dirty.

It is desirable that such a sweater for autumn and winter walks at dachshund was two or even three. A short-legged dog will dirty them every time, so after each walk her clothes will have to be washed. In order for it to dry, several alternatives are needed.

If you can not knit, it is possible and easier to make a dachshund sweater. Take the sleeve of an unnecessary human sweater, cut holes in it for paws and sweep them, as well as the beginning and end of the product. In the same way, from sleeves of light cotton-turtlenecks you can sew a T-shirt for summer walks, which will protect you from the burning sun and ticks.

In addition to sweaters and T-shirts, tax will need waterproof primer. Self stitching is pretty simple. It is necessary to carve out one oval detail with a width in the half cover of the dachshund's chest in the widest place and a length of about 70-80 cm. In the center of this detail you need to make a hole for the head of the dog. Then on the cloth that will cover the dachshund's chest, stitches are sewn, which will be tied on the back.

It is better to cut such a boot from Bologna. Without lining, it is suitable for walking in rainy summer and in the off-season. And, having sewed a fleece in the form of a lining, you can make a winter variant that will protect the dog from wet snow and all the troubles that lurk in it: fragments of ice, gasoline, salt mixture, motor oil, etc.

Photo of clothes for dachshund




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