How are the dogs taking revenge?

Has pet behavior suddenly become aggressive? He no longer listens to you and does not miss any opportunity to spoil? The case is bad: most likely, he was offended and wants you to know about it.

Puppy Ray was never left alone at home. Either someone always looked after him, or he was taken with him. But this time, despite the requests, the puppy's mournful whine, the owners left and closed the door right in front of his nose. He looked at them sadly from the window and ... immediately thought of what he would do alone.

He tore up all the children's toys that he could reach, ruined the pillow, gnawed the TV remote ... To top it, he laid out a line of potato peelings in the corridor that he fished out of the trash can. Then, to heighten the effect, he relieved the linoleum in the kitchen and, with a sense of accomplishment, lay down to rest on the master's bed. "Will know how to leave me alone!" most likely, he thought.

What did the owners after returning? They scolded the dog, perhaps a couple of times slapped the pope for prophylaxis, poked it with a muzzle at everything he did ... And, of course, they didn’t even try to understand the motives of the offended doggie! But they themselves are to blame for what happened much more than poor Ray!

The fact is that the owners should accustom the animal to loneliness gradually. First leave the pet alone for fifteen minutes, and then increase the time intervals. Then the forced separation will not be shocking for him, he will know that in an hour, in the evening or the next day the owner will return.

In this case, the punishment will not lead to anything good, and if the owners leave again for a long time, the animal will most likely begin to spoil what it did not manage to get to last time. Therefore, the only true solution to the problem is gradual and patient work.

Be aware of dogs!

We gave an example from the life of a completely harmless puppy. But inattentive or irresponsible attitude to the animal can lead to a real tragedy, especially if we are talking about a big dog. Pissed off or offended, she can pounce on the owner or family members and cause serious, possibly even fatal injuries.

Before you take responsibility for a big dog, you need to undergo a dog training course for the owners. The character of dogs is formed in childhood, so it depends on you, and not on the trainer hired for a month, whether the dog will be good or aggressive.

It must be remembered: a big dog is also a big responsibility, so you have to deal with it every day. And employment and fatigue are not excuses.

The terrible incident that occurred in Slovenia is indicative: three bullmastiffs bit the master. After that, the country was debated about the aggression of dogs responsible for the death of a person. And only later, the investigation found out that the dogs killed for a reason: for a long time they endured the cruel mockeries of the owner, which was proved by expertise ...

But it happens that animals with a less stable psyche come to our home, which, in order to break, is enough of our neglect ...

Who is the most vindictive?

Revenge of dogs is not groundless. Their behavior is a reflection of the actions of their owners.

P.S. We decided to find out which animal people think is the most vindictive. The result shocked us. Internet users answered the question differently: there were cats, dogs, elephants, rats, and even vipers. But the majority of respondents agreed that the most vindictive creature is a MAN. There is something to think about ...



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