Features haircut Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a breed of small decorative dogs with elegant long hair. Therefore, their appearance owners give special attention. Including there are many types of Shih Tzu haircuts.

They can be home and casual or exhibition, that is - "haircuts".

Of course, such a division is rather arbitrary, and every professional groomer has his own ideas and ideas about different haircuts. Yes, and there is always an opportunity for the owner to fantasize about what his Shih Tzu should look like.

Shih tzu haircuts

Their goal is to make the life of the dog and its owner more convenient. Long shih-tsu wool requires careful and long-term care, and if the owner does not have a goal to exhibit a dog for the sake of rewards, then it is worth making a short haircut “puppy” or “teddy bear”.

The dog looks like a cute creature, an eternal puppy. And take care of her much easier and faster.

  • Haircut "puppy" often do in the summer. With her, the entire body of the dog coats the hair evenly at a length of 2.5-5 cm. Such a shih tzu haircut also saves money, since it is enough to do it every few months.
  • Haircut "teddy bear" suggests a longer coat in the dog, although it is often used in conjunction with the "summer" haircut.

On the head and the muzzle, the coat remains of the usual length, and on the body it is cut shorter. The dog turns into a round furry creature similar to a teddy bear. At the same time, this haircut allows you to tie colored top knots on the head of the animal.

If the owner is ready to take care of long hair for a long time, and he is especially pleased with this image of a dog, for home she can simply shorten her hair so that she does not chalk the floor.

There are more creative variations of shih tzu haircuts. For example, the hair on the head is cut in such a way that it resembles a beret. At the same time, the dog's eyes open well from the hair.

Shih Tzu haircuts

A classic exhibition or "show" shih tzu haircut involves a long loose, carefully combed luxurious wool. On the head of the dog it is collected in a beautiful knot. This haircut involves only the alignment of the wool along the entire length and, in order to make it look neat, it needs to be refreshed every three weeks.

Also an exhibition option is the same long haircut, but not a knot is constructed on the dog's head, but a braid is woven.

This haircut is generally considered a real shih-tzu style, even if it is the way other dogs, such as Yorkshire terriers, are shorn.

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