Collar antili

Electronic anti-coil collars are designed to wean the dog barking. This is especially true for dogs that bark and howl, left alone at home, which seriously annoys neighbors.

The main characteristics of the electronic collar antilay

  • This is a compact collar weighing up to 100 grams. It works on batteries or a battery that charges from the mains and fits all dogs, regardless of breed, size or conditions of detention.
  • The electric collar reacts to the vibration of the dog's vocal cords, and there are also more sensitive ones that also react to the whine and whine.
  • Its principle of operation is that when a dog barks, it creates a vibration and the collar in response to the minimum begins to affect the dog. If the dog does not calm down, then the level of exposure rises automatically. And it continues to rise until the dog stops barking. After termination, the collar removes the impact.
  • There are so-called "self-learning collars." They automatically select exposure levels that will be optimal for a particular dog. It should be very tightly put on very high under the jaw. In this case, the collar receiver should fall exactly in the middle of the neck.

The principle of using the collar antilii, important recommendations

In order for a dog to disaccustom to barking in the most “painless” way for it, it is worth preparing it for wearing a special collar. To do this, you need to wear an anti-lay collar along with a regular collar and, moving the dog outside, provoke him to barking - that is, to find those objects that usually cause a barking dog.

At first, the dog will not respond to low levels of exposure. During barking she is excited, and therefore the threshold of her sensitivity is lowered. Most likely the dog will react to a strong level of exposure. She may be scared of this, try to escape or shy away from the owner. The task of the owner to attract the dog with a leash to her and praise, calm her when she is silent. For example, say "good, quieter."

This procedure is worth repeating until the dog realizes that barking causes her discomfort. After that, the dog can be left alone in the collar. Even if she wants to bark, she quickly comes to its senses, feeling the very first light effect of the collar.

Antilia collar should not be left on the dog for a long time. Remove it after 8-12 hours and take a break. This collar is completely harmless to animals and other animals that are in the same room. Only you should not leave a metal collar on the dog at the same time.

Reviews on collar antilay

Recall 1

Enough effective stuff. We had problems with the neighbors. Our Baksik (Jack Russell Terrier) tortured them with his constant barking. Smart people advised to use anti-breech collar to solve the problem. Bought such a thing firm Petsafe. He has 6 zones of sensitivity. The dog quickly realized the regularity of the barking with a weak but unpleasant signal from the collar. Thanks to the collar, antilay was able to solve a very unpleasant problem for us.

Igor, Moscow

Recall 2

Honestly in our case, the anti-bollard collar, also the manufacturer of Petsafe, did not provide any help. Perhaps it is worth trying other brand products. Recommended to use the product company Innotech. We will try.

Elizaveta, Yekaterinburg

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