What is cosmetics for dogs necessary for?

Many breeds of dogs, especially decorative ones, need special care products, including cosmetics. The reason is that their task is to touch and delight the eye of the owner and this must be met.

Without cosmetics, it is impossible to get rid of the unpleasant smell, to achieve the effect of silk wool for long-haired breeds, a special shine of wool in dachshunds, whiteness of teeth. Especially need all sorts of means dog-frequenter of exhibitions.

Types of professional cosmetics for dogs

Modern industry does not skimp on the abundance of funds for preening pets: powder, conditioners, styling gels and sprays, color enhancers, varnish for claws and much more can be found on the shelves of specialized stores.

Cosmetics for dogs are selected based on the breed of the animal, the characteristics of its skin and coat (long, short, hard or soft), age, purpose, etc.

Any dog ​​needs shampoo for swimming. Humans are not suitable for it due to too much smell and possible allergic reactions on the animal's body, since dogs have sharper and softer skin.

Properly selected dog shampoo after rinsing should leave the pet's coat slightly slippery. After bathing, a moist conditioner or a balm can be applied to the wet coat, which does not require rinsing. After the use of such agents, the wool does not go together for a long time into mats.

Canine cosmetics also include anti-parasitic drugs that are applied to wool, products for better combing wool (for example, the Ring 5 cosmetics line), and no-tear shampoos for puppies who do not like to bathe (Bio Groom line, 8 in 1).

Many manufacturers offer colognes and perfumes with natural smells: cucumber, herbs, melons and many others. Perhaps the most famous line of dog perfumes is Yves Saint Bernard, as well as the French line Hery. Gift sets for "boys" are available in an assortment of cosmetics for Espree dogs.

The most famous manufacturers of professional cosmetics for dogs

  • In spa salons for our smaller brothers, Milord cosmetics are often used, which are made in Italy - the capital of world fashion.
  • The market leader in show grooming products is professional cosmetics for dogs of the American company Chris Christensen.
  • Also in the United States produced a line of professional dog cosmetics Vellus

About the dog, just starting his show career, which at first may be afraid of many unfamiliar dogs and people, the line of cosmetics Plush Puppy offers soothing drops.

There are also whole complex systems for grooming dogs. For example, the Isle of Dogs line. Her shampoos and conditioners prevent dandruff, seborrhea and other skin diseases due to the fact that they do not wash out the natural fatty covering of the dog's skin.

Cosmetics Pure Pows emphasizes the use of natural ingredients in cosmetics. Its polishes, shampoos and antistatics spare the pet's skin and hair and are well suited for show animals, especially Yorkshire terriers.



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