How to treat rickets in dogs?

Rickets is a chronic disease that mainly affects puppies and young dogs. It is caused by the lack of vitamin D, phosphorus or calcium in food or the inability of the body to absorb these elements.

Happens and hereditary rickets as a violation at the chromosomal level. Most often, dogs have a "phosphorus type" rickets.

Symptoms and signs of rickets in dogs

  • A sick dog can be recognized by a stooped back, lethargy.
  • The joints of her paws are knotted, the muscles are flabby, and the paws in movement and in a stand are semi-bent.
  • On the ribs, characteristic "rosaries" are formed, the functions of the internal organs and the nervous system are disturbed.
  • In advanced cases, the long bones of the paws become soft, stop developing and break easily.
  • Also development of teeth is delayed, organic changes occur in the liver and heart.
  • A dog can eat inedible things: feces, land, lick the walls. She is physically weak and tired quickly.

Treatment of rickets in dogs

This is a long and complicated process, and also not always successful. Therefore, timely start of treatment is very important.

  • Ergocalciferol provides excellent results. It is used daily at 5000-10000 IE per month. At the same time, calcium gluconate is administered intravenously 2-3 times a week for half a milliliter.
  • Also give inside trivitamin 1-10 drops daily in the mouth or injected intramuscularly 1-2 times a week at the rate of 1 ml per 10-12 kg of body weight.
  • You can also give pills or drops of such vitamin preparations as tocopherol, retinol, videoin, dafasol, videocarotene, vitamult, nutrisan, hemobalance, duavit, SA-37.
  • In parallel with giving these preparations, it is necessary to provide the dog with a walk in the sun or artificial ultraviolet irradiation with household quartz lamps at a distance of one meter from the side of the belly, starting from two and leading up to 7-8 minutes. At the same time close the eyes with a towel. Conduct at least 10 such procedures.

Prevention of rickets in dogs

Prevention is very important for puppies. It is quite simple, but effective - the dog should get a complete meal with vitamins and mineral supplements.

An excellent means of preventing and even treating rickets in dogs in the early stages is fortified fish oil. It is added to food 1-3 times a week for 3-30 ml.

Since the ultraviolet spectrum emitted by the sun allows the body to produce vitamin D on its own, we need walks and active loads on sunny days outdoors.



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