Features feed for neutered dogs

After castration of a pet, he needs to change his diet. This is due to the inevitable changes in the body, primarily in the metabolism. In turn, the metabolism changes due to the fact that the body ceases to produce male sex hormones.

About the need to change the diet say any experienced veterinarian. It is better to choose a special feed for this.

Why do I need feed for a neutered dog?

First of all, the special composition of the food helps to restore the dog's body after the operation and reorganize it in a new way. After all, any operation is stressful for the body and not only proper care, but also high-quality nutrition will help the animal to recover from it.

After castration, the dog in the body undergoes serious changes, which is fraught with two main health problems.

The first of these is overweight and a whole bunch of diseases that may follow. Therefore, it is very important to constantly monitor the weight of the dog, not to overfeed it and physically load it enough. When feeding with dry food, it is better to switch to a special food, the main feature of which is low calorie content. With this menu, the dog will not get fat, and at the same time will not starve, as it happens on a diet.

The second problematic consequence of castration is the risk of urolithiasis. It especially increases with age, so animals over 5 years old should pick up food, not only taking into account the slow metabolism, but also age-related health problems. There are also special medical foods, the task of which is the prevention of urolithiasis. But it is worth giving them only on prescription of the doctor.

Foods for Neutered Dogs

  • The Royal Canin company is seriously suited to the issue of making special food. She has developed a whole line of food for neutered dogs of different sizes - Neutered Adult. This is a full-ration low-calorie feed, reducing the risk of weight gain.
  • Neutered food is designed for feeding adult neutered dogs prone to being overweight. The combination of highly digestible proteins with a low caloric content of the product gives a feeling of fullness.
  • The ProPlan specialized feed line is called DOG ADULT STERILISED. It takes into account not only the danger of weight gain, but also the occurrence of urolithiasis. That is, regulates the metabolism and the urinary system.

Virtually any line of premium and super premium food has a special diet for neutered dogs. In order not to expose the dog's body to additional stress, immediately after the operation it is better to choose a specialized feed for the animal from the usual line.



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